A No Land Beyond “Review”

Hi everyone, It’s CD again, and welcome back
to WorkRevolt gun reviews! Before we get started, I once again I have a correction to make.
In the comments, there seems to be a misunderstanding regarding my rating scale. Some believed it was out of 5, now others believe it out of 10. Due to these misconceptions, I feel the
need to address the question “Is WorkRevolt’s scale out of 5 or 10?” The Answer is no. It’s time for the No Land Beyond Review Before getting into technical examination, it’s important to discuss the two unique perks possessed by No Land Beyond. The first is by far the best, and one of the most impressive
gun perks in the game: Instant reload. Enemies beware, as this reload insures there will
always one bullet in the chamber. The second unique perk is the numbers listed
to the side of the aiming reticle. A great asset for skilled hunters to practice their
counting before the next day of school. Now it is time to test the gun’s range,
as you can see, the gun has best in class range as the barrel can easily reach the boulder
from several feet way, even outpacing the infamous Patience & Time which tests at a
few feet. Our second test focuses on the gun’s recoil.
To keep a consistent testing environment, all shots were taken at the same barrier on
Mars. As you may notice, there is equal, yet comparable recoil with each shot when testing
with a Warlock or Titan. Sadly, recoil is much worse when testing on
a Hunter, as the gun’s barrel is completely uncontrollable, possibly due to the Hunter’s
small hands. Next up, Sparrow Test 2.0, where we not only
test the ability to murder a sparrow, but also the ability to steer the Sparrow toward
an object, in this case, a Titan. We are conducting the test on the XV0 “Timebreaker” otherwise
known as the S-13 “Graverobber”. When testing the No Land Beyond, it seems
that while it does not “murder” the sparrow, it has the ability to turn it invisible in
only 3 shots. Due to invisibility, we were unable to accurately measure its path, but
since the Titan was not moved, we must assume it missed.
The Gjallarhorn once again excelled with only one rocket needing to murder the sparrow,
while also steering the sparrow with 95% accuracy towards the Titan and causing slight damage.
The final test is whether the gun has a self-defense mechanism, meaning the gun will protect the
guardian even if no trigger is pulled. As you can see, the No Land Beyond possesses
no such mechanism and allowed its guardian to be mauled by a pack of thrall.
We also tested the Gjallarhorn, and to no surprise, the weapon’s aura forced the thrall
to retreat before the guardian was even spotted. So, is the No Land Beyond worthy of your time?
It could be a toss-up. While it has great range and invisibility bullets, in less than
a month, it’s going to be irrelevant. You might like it, though. Winky

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