Abandoned Empty House!… Could This Be My Next Property Development UK Site?

– So I’m walking along near
my house, where I live, and I just found this,
but the question is, what would you do? Is there an opportunity here? Would you investigate further,
or would you just walk on? (upbeat music) Hi, my name’s Tony Law,
from Your First Four Houses, and I teach people how to build
a small property portfolio that generates a great income for them, so they can give up their
day job if they wish, because they’re not financially free. If this is your first time here, be sure to subscribe to the channel, and click that bell notification icon, so that you don’t miss out
on any of the free content that I give you each and every week. So let’s take a closer look at this place. Now, although I walk down this road on a pretty regular basis, I’ve gotta say, I’ve never looked that closely
at this property before. But now that I am, it
seems really obvious to me that no work is going on here. I mean look at that front garden. It’s completely overgrown. The scaffolding poles are all rusted out. The windows are boarded up. In fact, part of the roof is missing. Obviously there’s some kind of an issue, some kind of a problem, but does that mean there’s a potential
opportunity for us here? Now just to spoil the fun, I can’t tell you if there’s a deal here, because I only spotted this today. And so I’m gonna be
doing a bit more digging over the next few days. But let me tell you what I’ve done so far, and what I’m going to be doing, and that way if you spot
something similar in your area, well maybe you’re have a better
idea of how to approach it. So step number one is a
little bit controversial. I’m actually not suggesting
that you do this. But if I find a site like this, might I be tempted to explore the site? Maybe climb over a wall or two. I might be tempted to do that. But you mustn’t do it, because
it’s technically trespassing. In fact, let’s scrub step number one and pretend I never even said
it, and start over. (laughs) So step number one is to
speak to the neighbours. Now this isn’t scary. Just walk up to the door, knock on it, step away from the door again. Drop your body posture. Be almost apologetic for troubling them. And just ask them about
the site next door. Because they will know, they’ll
know everything about it. And will probably want to really share that information with you. I’ve done this in this scenario. They were lovely neighbours,
and they did tell me quite a bit about the place. Step number two is to Google the address. Now this property may
already be on the market. It’s just that, if it’s been
on the market for a while, the board may have blown down. They may have chucked the
board into the front garden. And so you may be able to find out who’s actually marketing it. But you might also uncover a real gem of information about the site. Step number three is to
check if there’s been any planning applications made recently. That may well be why no activity is actually happening on site. By the way, if you’re
finding this helpful, I would love it if you could just click on that thumbs up button down there. It really helps me, if that’s okay. Step number four is to download
the title deeds and plan. Now this’ll only cost you
about six pounds for both, and I put the link for how to do that in the description box below. Have a little look on there for anything that looks untoward, anything that looks a little bit out of place. Also, is there a mortgage? Are there any scary restrictive
covenants about the site? Any obvious issues with any
of the boundaries around it? Any obvious conflicts
between what you’re seeing on the title plan and what
you’re seeing in real life? Once you’ve done this a couple of times, you’ll start to see a few glaring issues. They’ll jump out at you when you start to look at the title deeds, once you’ve downloaded these a few times. But above all, is the address
of the owner different to the address of the property? If it is, step number five
is to write to the owner. Ideally, you wanna meet up with the owner, maybe go and grab a cup of coffee, and find out what the problem is. Because there is a problem,
because absolutely nothing is happening on the site here. So as I say, go and grab a cup of coffee, sit down with them,
build some real rapport, and see if you can find
some real win-win solution that would work really well for them, and obviously work really
really well for you, as well. Step number six, follow up,
follow up, follow up. (laughs) Honestly, so many deals are made during the follow up process. I can’t emphasise enough,
you need to put this into a folder, and follow up on it. And then go and look for
another site down the road, and follow up on that one. And so on and so on and so on. Have you checked out my
completely free mini course that will teach you how
to invest in property and build a passive income, without needing to put
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