4 thoughts on “Affordable Housing On State Land

  1. So is this for low income or for the homeless? Because the people living under an overpass don’t have $1,000 a month for rent. They need to stop acting like they’re m trying to get the homeless off the streets

  2. In three years when its ready to rent it will be a good deal at a $1000. But we know thats not going to happen. In three years it will cost $1300 per month. And wages don't go up that fast. This is bs and just a pipe dream suckers. They talk a good talk but foget the walk. Why doesn't some investigative reporter search past pomises of low rent buils. Id like to see if any low rent housing did get built. I never hear about the after so I don't think it realy happens.

  3. it sounds like about to make more money they don't need no more investors to make Apartments Cleaning Solutions I think I'll Vermin to fund all this so they can keep giving free land away by the way should be

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