I was born and raised right here in st.
Catharines. It’s a great place to live. But for too many families an affordable
home is increasingly out of reach. Liberal and Conservative governments
have done little to help. They’re out of touch with everyday Canadians. In Niagara
alone we need over 23,000 units of affordable housing. In St. Catharines,
you’d have to make more than $20 an hour just to afford a modest apartment. It
takes 14 years for a young family to save enough just for the down payment
and seniors can’t afford to stay in their own homes.New Democrats say it’s
time to help people now, we will create five hundred thousand units of quality,
affordable housing and we’ll provide immediate relief for families that are
struggling to afford rent. New Democrats will fight for everyday Canadians I’m
Dennis Van Meer your NDP candidate for St. Catharines.
As your MP l will work hard for you and for a better St. Catharines.

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