100 thoughts on “Automatic building mapping at MIT

  1. what i thought! Great example of how movies can be an idea for new tech.
    I'm sure ive seen the mapping ability in a movie before, different but similar, just can't think of a name

  2. This is great, what about mounting this onto mobile devices such as remote controlled cars and helicopters, allowing geological mapping in difficult to access areas.

  3. Can you guys hook up with the guys at the DMEL at the university of Pennsylvania and make a micro-quad-rotor with this mapping feature? I'd love to see that in action.

  4. Aw come on Barman had this since the early 80's…wha?…Batman's not wha?…OH!…Never mind, this is very cool! I'll bet the military is watching this video on a 90" screen right now!

  5. wow! So going back and forth with a camera can film your surroundings? These are the kinds of assholes that work for Monsanto. Cold emotionless, funless fucks.

  6. Great use for miners or cave explorers but instead will used to blow people up and make the US more war money, it's just missing the red blips on the screen.

  7. How will the laser work in a smoke filled building? Dont know if this can be used by firefighters. You'll need a much more powerful laser.

  8. I just started studying at a university here in sweden, and saw the same thing during a demonstration back in august, though it was developed to help blind peolpe so the visual input was only there for demonstration. Really cool anyways.

  9. Alright, Robotics engineer here.
    This is great and all but its nothing new. All they're doing is using SLAM (google it) to map a building using expensive sensors. They mentioned they're using a LIDAR, not a kinect. LIDAR costs a good bit of money …. usually 2000$ or more.

    Roomba's can't implement this due to cost. It simply just isn't feasible to do it unless you do it really cheap like a neato does. But beacuse it goes over the same spots more thanks to randomness, it cleans better. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. No you can't, it's indoors.
    Search youtube for "GPS Denied Environments" and you'll see a lot of other videos just like this one with various robots using SLAM to navigate indoors.

  11. it's very similar. The kinect is what's called a "structured light 3D scanner", it shines a laser through a prism to project a whole slew of IR dots onto it's environment, and uses a camera to see where the dots land. The LIDAR on the robot does the same thing, but instead of painting all the dots at once, it paints them one at a time (very fast).
    LIDAR tends to be much more accurate coz the laser/camera/mirrors/etc are typically high quality and expensive. The kinect went with cheap stuff.

  12. There's the same problem in newscientist video comments.

    It's probably just that there's a vast range of diversity in those with novelty seeking personality traits. Not all are interested in the science.

  13. I thought that too, the music for level one popped into my head while watching it. Obviously I'm not as smart as these fellows from MIT.

  14. its really amazing to me how many things sci fi films think up that dont exist yet and a school like MIT or other great minds say "hey we can do that" and bam there it is, bravo cant wait for the final product

  15. Yeah it's cool. But does the wearer have to walk like he just shat his pants? Or is that just how the model in thie video walks?

  16. it also comes equipped with a personal two-way radio system. it stimulates the small bones of your ear so only you will be able to hear it.

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  18. I've been waiting for this. Listen through to the end of the video when he talks about the future of annotating important spaces and detecting signage. Incredible.ย 

  19. This would be especially useful for creating a point cloud map to import into revit to aid in the creation of floor plans, of an existing building, for which they are no plans, require renovations, and/or life safety plans

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