Building a Wholesome Family Restaurant that is not a disguised brutal regime in Minecraft

Building a Wholesome Family Restaurant that is not a disguised brutal regime in Minecraft

Welcome to the Minecraft server everybody! For those who didn’t know we have an RTGame Minecraft server. It’s complete with, um, health and safety regulations *laughs* Yeah, this looks fine *laughs* Radical has like taken the Burger Land like really to heart and he’s actually just setting fire to the forest. Now, don’t do that because there is a village here. People already have a lot of build plans for this fast food diner. We need iron bars, you know, it’s a staple of like fast food diners. Blocks of iron itself. Iron doors. So people just start divvying these out. Try not to hog them just for yourself. We need some regular bricks. Oh, those were the monster bricks, don’t use those ones! What is going on, with like, these structures? People were- Yes that’s great, keep working on the sign. The inverted M. *laughs* You know how you have like the inverted cross? Where that’s said to represent Satan or something like that. So if we just have the inverted McDonald’s sign… Wherever you see that there’s some room for some details just to be added, just like kind of get to work on it. Like, DarkCrystaline’s doing a good job here with the prison bars, you know, like that’s perfect. Fun for all the family. Every family restaurant needs a playground for the kids. You might need to cover the lava, uh, that is the trashcan. Um, that should be in the restaurant and not out here in the playground. Um, you know, cus if they’re littering the playground like… that’s the wind’s job to clean up. The main problem with the diner I see is that it’s actually physically impossible to walk inside. Um, ideally in a family restaurant there is space to actually enter the building and it’s not just… … whatever this is supposed to be. Yeah it’s not ADA compliant, someone just pointed out in Twitch chat, you know, so like that’s gonna… That’s gonna get us in a heap of trouble. Thanks for 100 bits as well. “BurgerLand: We’ll beat our meat and yours too” Oh good- I shouldn’t have read that *laughs* The playground is already underway, I mean, like look at like the tower. Like, look at the climbing frame these kids have to go up, like, this is like ideal for a playground. It actually looks like a proper fast food joint. Um- Although, you know, it is giving me a bit of a fortress vibe. People just keep working away on the diner, you know, like yep we have tables and chairs! Uh, “Today’s special” *laughs* “No goat meat permitted on premises” from NotARealGoat “Parking garage”? How are you gonna park your car in here? No, guys, like we can’t have a parking garage. You gotta have a hole in the side so the cars can get in. Come on, rookie mistakes guys. People are finishing work on the sign, how’s the playground doing? Yep so we have the gallows. You know, like, popular activity for the kids. We have the safety stairs. We have the main attraction. The freaking spinny doors. And, you know, the kids have to try and climb it and like “Oh don’t get knocked off by the door!” You know, like “Oh I’m trying to get on, oh the door pushed me, oh no I just fell!” And we have the pit that catches them if they fall down. “Danger, road ends” *laughs* Why is there a- *laughs* Oh no the road does end, yeah okay, yeah we actually do kinda need a road block. It seems like a bit of a bad idea to put that like immediately after a slope. Like, you don’t have much time to see that. Okay the theme song… I don’t know if you can hear it let me turn up my in-game volume. Listen to this sick beat *monotonous tone* That man’s skin is just like a censored naked body. Oh God… Oh, it’s… oh it’s Corey in the House. Okay. *laughs* So, if we just mine this out. Uh, none of these vegetables, no, we don’t need veg. You know vegetables aren’t great because they don’t emit any carbon emissions. You know, that’s how you know like they’re good stuff. Like God, this actually causes damage to the environment, that’s how you know it’s good. “What about vegetarians?” Oh simple, they just don’t eat here, that’s their option. Okay, uh now if everyone can get out of the fun pit. There’s llamas in the game? Awwwwwww! Okay we’re gonna make llama burgers. So you wanna get out of the fun pit. Everyone that’s down here you wanna get out. Server is chugging hard right now. What’s going on? I think we may have spawned too many llamas. Okay well we just need to- We lost connection. Let’s just seal them up nicely. Oh, is Wolfy gonna make it? Oh cutting it close, almost caught you there. AttackTeam- hang on. Oh you wanna live with the llamas? Just seal that up. No problems, no questions asked. Yeah so we need to keep furnishing out the diner, like, the floor with just like the iron bars? Like how are they supposed to walk on this? Like they’ll fall through the gaps if we’re not careful. We need people to be able to dine up here, you know? This is ideal space to fit more families in our fine establishment. For anyone in creative mode they have a fly-by restaurant. Wow, that’s genius. I love that. Yeah we can keep that there *laughs* For when you don’t bring your car and you’re in a hurry. If we can make another perimeter, um, cos I really want us to just mark our territory. If we could just build like a massive wall, um, at this point. I’ll mark it with glass, and make it this high. So people just know where their fun begins. Uh make sure to use only family friendly blocks. Um, so you know red wool is good cos it’s the colour of blood. Is it just me or is that remotely like the Smash Bros Ultimate theme song? Okay the wall’s looking good. Uh, now, the problem I see is they’ve forgotten what a wall is actually supposed to do. And they’ve just kind of made a very nice stencil on the land. This needs to be like an impenetrable fortress. Fun for all the family. Let’s go check on the enslaved llama pit once again, just see how they’re doing. They seem to be okay. They’ve kinda eased up a bit. They’re not screaming as much so, you know, that’s an improvement. Is it just me or does the colour scheme look oddly like… oh no. I like the little railing here too, uh, but it is made currently with natural materials. Could we replace the wooden fence with just more iron bars, if that’s okay? Welcome to WcMonald’s. Don’t mind the flood. Aww. It’s just like an actual cat just getting in the way of everything, you know. I’m trying to build here, and freaking Shnuggles is like teleporting. I just wanna tell you that I love you. We need to fix this gap in the road too, this looks really dangerous. Just fill it with lava. Oh shit, it’s wool! No, no *laughs* Oh I didn’t think about that, I thought it was concrete! We have the red wall. What is this supposed to be? Is this the Chum Bucket? The llamas are doing good, the sandbox is finally perfected. Ketchup_Mobster is demonstrating how you get to jump up into it. We have the beacon, in case Gondor needs to call for aid. Why are the llamas- I guess they’re just going through the drive-thru, they want a burger. What does that say? “Help us” *laughs* You know, “help us” just gets a more fine family dining experience, you know? “Help us to help you. Support our restaurant.” What is going on with the Smash Bros theme song? It’s getting worse over time. This is the boycott? Oh, that’s cute. Oh that’s cute, you know what happens to people who boycott? No no no, guys, guys you gotta keep that sealed. Oh God, the cats. Now I have a handy little tip for everyone. If you see any more protestors, uh, just burn them alive with a bucket of lava. Yo, dictatorships have worked out historically, you know? What’s wrong if we establish one here? They’ve all gone well, there’s been no problems. I think we’re like close to the end of the build. Um, we just need one more thing. It’s done. Look at that! Doesn’t that make you hungry? “Our burgers are so good they denied physics.” *laughs* That’s how you know you’re getting your money’s worth. Why has someone engrained KFC in like a pit of lava… on the outskirts… of the restaurant? You guys are gonna have free rein to build the most impressive soda. I’m not gonna give you any direction. Cup ain’t looking too good, honestly, right now. Kinda like a mashed up crown. I wanna know what it is with like, American cup sizes. Your guys’ like drinks are fricking massive. I saw this in Canada too. Like your version of like an extra large is like the size of like a bucket of chicken or something. Like it’s actually, it’s actually absurd, how big the cups go. Cus you have like free refills in a lot of places too, with like just these massive cups. And that’s what I don’t understand, why you have massive cups if you have free refills? Surely you could just buy a smaller cup? I hope someone’s working on the straw too, the straw is a really important bit. Apparently that’s the straw right there. Look at this. A WcMonald’s cup. That’s a good soda if I ever saw one. We made a lovely fast food diner. We got a small mini cup on the side. That’s a nice little feature. We got the trashcan. We got KFC burning in hell. We got the Chum Bucket. And we got the soda!

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  1. Hey so we hit 400,000 Subscribers today. Yesterday was also the most amount of views I've ever had in a single day, clocking in at about 1.1 Million. I'm going to get cracking on another animal special asap – but thank you so much once again everyone

  2. He says the XLarge drink in the US is the size of a chicken bucket. Obviously he hasn't seen how big our chicken buckets are.

  3. I love watching these but I always hate how everything is so cluttered and unorganized

    I think I may have OCD lol

  4. Haha I remember when everyone was super pissed that this burger land was obstructing the view of that one fancy town

  5. Roman engineers can build a bridge over the river Rhine in a week

    RT's fans can build a fully functioning McDonald's in 2 hours

  6. i loved the fact that there was someone playing the smash bros ultimate theme song during the entire video

  7. To everyone confused about American cup sizes, small w/ free refills is for if u dine in, large is for if u use the drive through

  8. I've watched this video so many times, and there's some thing that's bugging me. An inverted cross is not a satanic cross. An inverted cross is the st Peters cross, and as a satanist it really bugs me when people make this mistake. Other than this, this was an amazing video. Keep up the good work!!

  9. the thing about mcdonalds is that they sell a medium and large orange juice exepct they make the large cup wider so that it seems bigger but your just getting the same amount of orange juice for a more exoensive price

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