12 thoughts on “Chatsworth Homeless Housing Development Draws Protest

  1. Its a valid reason for protest. While not all homeless are drug addicts and people with mental disorders there are people in the homeless community and could pose a threat to kids. There's plenty of industrial spaces in Chatsworth that could be converted into hotel style living areas that could house several maybe even hundreds of homeless people. Why not do it there?

  2. That was the only available property near small childrenπŸ˜‚ Is this actual permanent housing and not revolving doorsπŸ€” Citizens, ask these questions and don't be manipulated to put on this theatrical production😜 The alternative is more state funded tents.

  3. Do planners not have common sence? Why would you endanger the smallest youngest group of students, by placing transient, mentally ill, drug addicts and unknowns neer them? Jesus fucking Christ.

  4. Its not the homeless its the drugs and crime they bring and as an American democracy they have every right to be concerned and frustrated.

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