12 thoughts on “Clayton Homes responds as feds investigate company for ‘fair housing’ complaint

  1. Their employees need a real estate license. They are selling someone elses homes without a license. The salesman is not the owner. ILLEGAL

  2. was buying a trailor from Tullahoma tn. in 2008 ,was a double that was on lot for awhile. we did all paper work ,came back next day to ifnalize and was told there was a mistake and it wasnt for sale. i went back next day and 50,000.00 was added to price and a couple was buying it as i was thier spying around. we watched the price go down over a few months before we went to purchase. was no mistake. just another sales person quoted and sold it at higher price while we were buying it.i was so hurt and so mad.we . of course they told a big lie but with a little trickery i found out all i needed to know.i wish i would have gotten a lawyer ,and exposed them also. CLAYTONS MOBILE HOMES OF TULLAHOMA TN, IS ACTUALLY CROOKED MOBILE HOMES OF TULLAHOMA

  3. vanderbilt is horrible they will not work with ppl ive had my home with them now for going on 8 years and ill be glad when its paid for what makes it so bad is my exwife an i bought this home in march of 2011 the house is a 98 clayton doublewide was a nice house but they shit us on so much stuff we bought the 13 year old home at the time for 65k and i had perfect credit an they set my intrest rate at 9.75% for 10 years when its paid for next year ill be done gave vanderbilt twice what we settled for.. i'll never again will buy another piece of shit clayton.. EVER!!!

  4. YOU GUYS HAVE IT SOOO WRONG! It's not just minorities! Its low income people… PERIOD! Vanderbilt targets the people who have very few options and people who just dont know better… vanderbilt persuades them into loans with outrageous interest rates. These people end up paying double in interest than what the home was purchased for in the first place. Then when you fall behind, they harass you. Their collection practices are questionable. They send people out to take pictures of your home and property without permission. They have had multiple class action lawsuits they've had to pay out. Vanderbilt needs to be shut down and their employees need to be investigated!

  5. Clayton aka Vanderbilt is a horrible place. I have been in mine since 07. They placed it on the wrong land and it sets off by 3 acres. They know they did this and refuses to move it and correct the problem. They also have been offered a deed to the piece of land where it sits providing they quit claim the other piece of land that sits 3 acrea off and they refuse to move. Yet these unethical people, predators, illegal subhumans expect for me to pay for this mobile home when it isnt attached to the acre its suppose to. It sits on someone elses land and he will be moving it soon bc he is building a home where the mobile home sits. Clayton can make it right, but refuses. Plus they sell someone whose credit scores are 500 and 525 mobile homes with a price tag of 63k, an interest rate of 10.5% and make only 9 dollars an hr. Make complaints with your attorney generals office, the state of Tennessees attorneys office and the consumer protection bureaus office. These people need to be stopped.

  6. It’s not just Clayton Homes , it’s everybody taking advantage of poor uneducated people in general . This has been happening since the beginning of mankind . Never sign a contract or any kind of legal document unless you know and understand the terms and obligations first . Read and study the contract , if you don’t understand something ask questions , if you don’t agree with the terms , negotiate for better terms . Most people not just poor people want instant gratification no matter what the consequences .

  7. To understand Clayton Homes, one must see the Kevin Clayton video interview and related information, linked here: https://www.manufacturedhomelivingnews.com/bridging-gap-affordable-housing-solution-yields-higher-pay-more-wealth-but-corrupt-rigged-billionaires-moat-is-barrier/

  8. Wait ,wait, wait a minute. Clayton discriminated against low income borrowers because their loan applications were in ENGLISH? They discriminated, because the people that signed them didn't understand what they were getting into? Then when they couldn't pay back their loans as agreed to, they didn't give them enough options to pay the loan back? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? What happened to buyer beware? Ignorance is no excuse? Did Clayton lie to them. Tell them their payment would be A LOT lower than it ended up being? Did they lie about the interest rate? How long the loan was for etc. That they should be sued for, not because the buyer didn't know what they were doing! And how is this discriminatory? If you don't understand what you are signing what does that have to do with race or income? All Clayton has to do is explain the process, they are not responsible for people's ignorance and stupidity!!! They are definitely not responsible for people not understanding English!!! This is America! We speak and write English here!!! You know there are really a lot of truly shady business dealings going on out there today, the kind where really good, decent people get ripped off! You make a mockery of those poor suffering souls with this nonsense! Shame on you!! Get an education! Even if you cant go to school, no one can stop you from reading/learning! Stop playing the victim!

  9. Clayton home have done us so wrong they're coming back asking us for more money after we had finished all our paperwork going on 2 years I need an attorney there's so much I want to say this is so wrong 😭 what they are doing we just got married this supposed to be our future together I'm so hurt right now 😭

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