Cloud vs On Premise: 6th Consideration is Bandwidth

Hello, everyone John Stucky with TrinSoft. Today I’m talking about cloud-based applications versus on-premise applications, and I’m covering the top six factors You should consider if you’re evaluating software and trying to choose between the two today It’s the last one number six and that’s bandwidth and Bandwidth reliability Have you ever tried to download a file and it seems like it’s taking forever Only to have it time out and stop and you had to restart the process we’ve all been there Bandwidth and Bandwidth reliability have a big impact on the accessibility of your software if you’re hosted in the cloud Cloud-based applications are dependent on bandwidth for the users to use the application if the bandwidth is slow or Unreliable or it goes out altogether those users are dead in the water. They have no access to the application on the other hand On-premise solutions typically provide users access even if the bandwidth or the external connectivity is down so Evaluate the reliability of your bandwidth location to location another factor. Which I covered earlier is the number of locations that can also have an impact on which solution might be right [for] you, so Consider the Bandwidth when you’re trying to choose between cloud-based solutions or on-premise, and if you’re going cloud-based And you don’t have redundant bandwidth that’s a consideration. You’ll certainly want to take into account [we] strongly recommend redundant bandwidth for any cloud deployments if you have any additional questions need more information Or would like to see any of our solutions in action. Give me a call or drop us a note. Thanks for watching

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