Das letzte Land – Offizieller Trailer

Das letzte Land – Offizieller Trailer

Once I got out, I just ran, straight without stopping. And eventually I stumbled across the ship. I’ve never seen a ship, that was crappier than this one here. And I’ve never seen a build like this, either. But it can still fly. What’s this? You’re the engineer. I thought YOU were the one who worked in a shipyard. 3-0-1 Report in immediately, that’s an order. Come back! Something’s wrong! Novak, you are to exit that ship at once! You said we had time until the storm passed! I was wrong. Is the engine clean? Come on! Start it up! Just get us outta here. Is that our solar system? This is where space really begins. What exactly do you mean by “really begins”? – Freedom! Do you know if there are any people there? Where the ship is from, is where this came from. Or at least where the crew came from. “home” This thing is from a place, that neither of us knows of. Did you notice that the speakers are broken? The membranes are cut up… We don’t necessarily need to know what happened to the other crew. – They went mad. Are you scared? I’m nothing. Exactly… Both of us are nothing. What do we even want here? This is madness! I want to get out of here! And I want to go somewhere. There is no blue sky. No fields. No seas. No trees. None of that exists. The Final Land This is the end. Do you hear me? This is the end!

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  1. Als Filmfan aus Siegen würde ich mich total über eine Veröffentlichung auf einem Medium freuen!
    Cooles Projekt!

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