Did you know this building used to be part of the Macon Coca-Cola Bottling Company?

[BLANK_AUDIO] We’re on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard. This is the old Coca Cola
bottling facility. This is the last remaining
building of that facility. In 1913 they built a very large
distribution warehouse on the other side of this parcel. That was torn down in, I believe,
2012 because of structural issues. It was just, basically, caving in. So this is the Coca-Cola annex
building that they built in 1941, which is the last remaining
part of that facility.>>We didn’t change the integrity or
anything to do with the structural part. We came in here to the building
at a place where the roof had been coming in, collapsing and falling in. The floor system was falling in. So as we are going through
the development stages of what this project will be,
we went ahead and secured the facility from the weather conditions and
rain and stuff coming in. So we redid the roof. We didn’t change the intent of
the architectural design of what was originally there. But we took out the rotten, bad materials
and replaced it and dried the facility. And we somewhat came in here and
made it safe conditions for us to move forward in
the developing part of it. [BLANK_AUDIO]

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