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Hello everyone! My name is Gandalin, and welcome to another World of Warcraft guide. Today, I want to tell you all about the new buildings on the Broken Shore. In Patch 7.2, the class order halls have joined together, creating the Armies of Legionfall, to stand against the demons on the Broken Shore. Part of our offensive involves establishing a base at Deliverance Point and constructing buildings that will aid in the fight against the Legion. There are three buildings: the Mage Tower, the Command Center, and the Nether Disruptor. All players in your region contribute supplies to the construction of these buildings and, in return, we are awarded with some powerful perks and buffs. Each building has a set of 3 benefits that are always active while the buildings up. There is also one random buff that is chosen from four possible options. You can check the Legionfall Construction Table to see which buff a building will have as it’s being built. When the building is complete, you will have to speak with Commander Chambers, who is next to the Table, in order to obtain the random buff. Most of these buffs work across the Broken Isles, not just on the Shore. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, and the Legion will not sit idly by and let us have these buffs forever. Once a building has been completed, it will remain up for 3 days. At that point, the Legion will attack and destroy the building. It will then go on a 1-day cooldown before it can be rebuilt. Before we get into what each specific building offers, we should probably talk about how you contribute to their construction. You will need batches of 100 Legionfall War Supplies, a new currency added in Patch 7.2. Each turn-in gives you 150 Legionfall rep, some Artifact Power, and a box which contains gold, Order Resources, Nethershards, and can contain Dauntless armor tokens, legendary gear or champion equipment, and Curious Coins. To obtain these supplies, you can do a variety of activities. First, are Broken Shore world quests, which award 25 Supplies each. There are also rare elite mobs on the Shore that can award between 0 and 8 Supplies. You can find these by looking for the green skulls on your world map. You will also see class hall missions that grant War Supplies. Depending on the mission and your bonus chance, you could get between 20 and 100. There are also some sources of War Supplies that are tied to the buildings themselves. When the Command Center is active, you can run a special class hall mission to get 500 Supplies. And when the Nether Disruptor is up, you can summon a special elite mob that will drop between 15 and 20 Supplies. More on those later. Now let’s get into the details of each building. First up is the Mage Tower. This building offers the Fel Treasures perk, which has the following benefits. It gives you access to solo artifact challenges. These are very difficult scenarios designed to test how well you have mastered your spec. If you succeed, you are awarded with a new artifact appearance. The Tower also allows Veiled Wyrmtongue Chests to spawn on the Broken Shore. These contain Artifact Power, Nethershards, Order Resources, a few Legionfall War Supplies, and can contain Dauntless armor tokens, and very rarely legendary items. Finally, it gives you access to the portal network, which lets you quickly travel from the Broken Shore to one of the other Broken Isles zones. Now let’s look at the options for the random buff. Knowledgeable gives you a chance to earn a bonus Artifact Power token when looting one from a dungeon or raid. Power Overwhelming gives you a chance to earn an extra Artifact Power token when completing world quests. Reputable increases your rep gains with the Armies of Legionfall by 30%. This is particularly useful if you’re trying to unlock flying by completing Broken Isles Pathfinder, Part 2. Click the “i” in the top right corner of this video to check out my guide for that achievement. Finally, there’s Light As a Feather, which lets you walk on water while mounted. So overall, the Mage Tower is great if you want Artifact Power or a new artifact appearance. Now let’s look at the Command Center. This building offers the Forces of the Order perk, which gives the following benefits. It activates a world quest for the new 7.2 dungeon, Cathedral of Eternal Night. It provides you with the Legionfall Commander buff, which periodically provides help in combat in the form of temporary combat allies or other buffs. Finally, it activates three elite strike missions for your order hall champions. These are very difficult missions that offer large amounts of Artifact Power, Nethershards, or as I mentioned earlier, Legionfall War Supplies. On to the random buff options. War Effort gives you a chance to earn bonus Legionfall War Supplies whenever you receive some. Worthy Champions allows you to claim a piece of legendary champion equipment. Heavily Augmented gives you a chance to earn Defiled Augment Runes when completing world quests. And Well Prepared increases your primary stats by 10% when in non-elite areas of the Broken Shore. Overall, the Command Center offers several ways to make the Broken Shore easier, as well as some new rewards for your order hall missions and champions. Finally, let’s look at the Nether Disruptor. This building offers the Epic Hunter perk, which has the following benefits. It unlocks world bosses on the Broken Shore that drop ilvl 900+ gear. It also summons Unstable Nether Portals on the Shore. You can buy a Nether Portal Disruptor that will summon an elite mob when used at a portal. These elites drop War Supplies, Dauntless tokens, and Greater Sentinax Beacons. Finally, the Disrupter gives tailors, leatherworkers, and blacksmiths an Armorcrafter’s Commendation, allowing you to use your profession to craft a piece of legendary gear. For the random buff options, we have Seal Your Fate, which lets you complete a quest each day the building is active that awards a Seal of Broken Fate bonus roll token. Fate Smiles Upon You, which gives you a chance to have your Seal of Broken Fate refunded if your roll doesn’t give you a piece of gear. Netherstorm, which gives you a chance to get extra Nethershards whenever you earn some. And Reinforced Reins, which lets you interact with objects while mounted. The Nether Disruptor is great for gearing up before the Tomb of Sargeras raid releases. So there you have it! Those are the new buildings on the Broken Shore. Remember to pick up the random buff from Commander Chambers whenever a building is finished, especially if the buff affects activities you are about to go do. There have been a few times when I missed out on extra Artifact Power tokens from world quests because I forgot to grab the Mage Tower buff. Don’t make the same mistake! And that’s it for this video! If this guide helped you, leave a comment down below, and give it a big thumbs up! Share this video with your friends, and let me know if there’s something you need help with! Subscribe to see all of my future videos! Thanks for watching and I’ll see you next time!

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