Housing is a human right

Housing is a human right

Housing is a human right. International law states that
people in Canada should be able to get good housing that they can afford. In Ontario, the Human Rights Code
applies to both tenants and landlords. Everyone has the right to
equal treatment in housing without discrimination or harassment. Landlords are responsible for making
sure housing environments are free from discrimination and harassment. People cannot be refused an apartment,
bothered by a landlorrd or other tenants, or otherwise treated
unfairly because of their: race, colour, ancestry
or ethnic background religious beliefs or practices, marital
status, including those with a same-sex partner, place of origin
citizenship, including refugee status family status, age, including individuals
who are 16 or 17 years old and no longer living with their parents, disability,
sex (including pregnancy) gender identity or gender expression
sexual orientation, or because they are in receipt
of public assistance. The right to equal treatment without
discrimination applies when renting a unit or buying a home. This right also applies to choosing or
evicting tenants, occupancy rules and regulations, repairs, the use of related
services and facilities and the general enjoyment
of the premises. The Ontario Human Rights Code says what can
and cannot be asked when choosing tenants. Rental history, credit references and/or
credit checks may be requested. However, a lack of rental or credit history
should not be viewed negatively. Requesting employment history of newcomers
can result in systemic discrimination. Landlords can ask for income information,
but they must also ask for and consider it together with any available information
on rental history, credit references
and credit checks. Income information can only be
considered on its own when no other information
is made available. Income information should be limited
to confirming that the person has enough income to cover the rent.
Landlords can also ask for a “guarantor” to sign
the lease – but only if the landlord has the same requirements for all
tenants, not just for recent immigrants. Unless the unit is subsidized housing,
it is illegal for landlords to apply a rent-to-income ratio. An
example is a 30% cut-off rule where the rent is 30%
of the tenant’s income. Landlords have a legal duty to
accommodate legitimate needs based on Code grounds, such as disability,
family status or creed. And landlords must accommodate
to the point of undue hardship. The tenant and the landlord share
the responsibility of making the accommodation work, by working
together to solve problems and by providing
necessary information. The Code does not apply
to personality conflicts between the tenant and the
landlord, or between tenants, that are not linked to the Code. If you find your housing rights
are being violated you can contact the Centre for Equality Rights
in Accommodation (CERA). You may also contact the Human
Rights Legal Support Centre which has services in Arabic.

4 thoughts on “Housing is a human right

  1. so it's social housing a right to cuz I heard that chance at some protest social housing is a right if we don't get it we're going to fight so how is it 3rd person paying for your house you're right

  2. Not just slumlords BUT ALL landlords need to go .Since they are living off of FREE MONEY . Because when they do fix them up they raise the rent and force people out if they can not afford there amount .. WTF can't people see RENT is the reason why we have poverty ? I have even seen people becoming landlords thinking their shit don't stink until they too lost all their homes over time to the banks and them standing in the welfare line looking for help ..You even have 3rd world countries paying for shacks with no toilet LOL . . No one should be paying rent since since it is against the law to loiter on the streets because then business owners have a shit fit.hanging around their stores. Plus if go make your own home . here comes the bankers saying you didn't ask for permission now pay up . They have never ever in our lifetime ask this generation if they agree to pay for land they were born on . Plus the landlords DO not fix them up the apartments or houses . They ROB workers to fix them up for free because remember the builders pay taxes . pay mortgage, or flat out rent , along with food , clothes and utilities where that money goes right back to the owners pocket .. Paying for rent is a SCAM .for only the owners to collect FREE money . . even making home owners pay taxes for home you already bought. lol . It helps none of us when you pay for land only people like Donald TRUMP to come in a take it and jack up the prices of living .

  3. All housing is a social good and a human right, not a commodity for profit especially in regards to private investors. Creating separate social housing is discrimination, its marginalizing a standard of living and creating "ghettos". Any law that misrepresents or is not in accordance with the UDHR and ICCESC is null and void. The Canadian and Ontario governments approach to the adequate standard of living more so regarding article 11 in the ICCESC is not in accordance and suggests that housing infact can be treated as a commodity which then becomes discriminatory based on economic status, when infact all housing again is a social good and is not a commodity. The clause regarding credit cheques and the tenant landlord act is also a violation by the canadian and ontario government for it is not the responsibility of anyone but the government to provide availability towards housing and by no means should a non government body be allowed to offer housing. All housing should be made available to any class of persons regardless, and no house should be designed in such a way that it creates inadequacy, including 8 bedroom 8 bathroom houses. Housing is not to be created and managed by anybody but government, and it is in accordance to the individuals needs not the conservation of government resources

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