Housing Prices Are Plummeting (in Trump Tower)

Housing Prices Are Plummeting (in Trump Tower)

49 thoughts on “Housing Prices Are Plummeting (in Trump Tower)

  1. Pump the brakes Toadstool, before the Moon + Mars u are going to jail first in a BIG WAY. #LOSER 😎

  2. Heineken is no beer thats pee with extra foam! πŸ˜„TRY BELGIUM BEER THATS THE REAL STUFF YOU NEED! TRY DUVEL! HIGH QUALITY BELGIUM BEER! πŸΊπŸ‡§πŸ‡ͺπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ˜‰πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

  3. james!!! we want day6 on flinch!! please consider contacting them next time they are in america, they’re very funny guys and i’d love to see who’d win. they’re a band under jyp hehe :b

  4. It's a towering thing.. Sum it up.. N be updated. Don't hav to be complex psycho to figure that out.

  5. I’m so sick of late night talk shows, meant to be fun and entertaining, bringing politics into the show. Not only bringing politics in, BUT poking fun at the most powerful man in the world. Not everyone wants to hear your liberal agenda. Grow up. He’s President.

  6. And yet your only argument for his corruption is that β€œoh he’s a billionaire and therefore must be greedy and corrupt” – can you not tell perhaps that Maybe it’s the Clintons/Mcains/the traditional elite families who have gained the most money and political power since having used their office for personal gain.

    Yet most of you think it’s funny (whilst you know only a snippet of the greater situation) . Ignorance is dangerous attribute. Whilst you think you are at the top , you’ll soon realise how far beneath others you are.

  7. There are a lot of funny jokes out there…. but …. damn … Janes… live you men.
    The joke abiut the Martians having lost 20% of their home equity value was ttop 3 of all time for me.

  8. Every week this show sets aside 5 minutes for a British man who was allowed to immigrate to USA shit on Trump with terrible, terrible jokes….. US talk Show are so shit.

  9. Natural Light brings to mind an old joke (from before the days of excellent American craft beers):
    How's American beer and sex in a canoe similar?

    They're both effing close to water.

  10. I am waiting till they sell one apartment for 1$ so that I can efford it and tell everyone I have an apartment in NYC!

  11. He has the best writers. His delivery is also the best. Nobody wants to admit they live in a tRump building these days and you can only sell to Russians now.

  12. James your jokes against trump are so cheap, un true. And how you can compare that little previous racist president against Trump. You can only make your studio, you are like fake news nowadays. All you studio guests aren’t they are all trolls. You remember pint a lager and a packet of crisps that’s is where you shined most, don’t follow the democrats trap dude, but you prefer been umiliante as long the pay check is substantial. Think of you kids and for once you reputation

  13. alien: take me to your leader.

    astronaut: no, we will take our leader to you. and you can have him.

  14. $1.6 billion? And what will we get for that? tRump Tower, Moon.
    It will be just like tRump Tower, New York. Neither will have any atmosphere.

  15. Funny on how a Bristish talkshow talking trash about America lol. Stop using your influence to have a political gain.

  16. $1.6 billion isn't going to get you to the moon, Skippy. Not to mention that you took the money from college Pell grants.

  17. I love you and all your suit's by the way the pitcher you see it's not me it's my son I'm a lady I just don't know how to change the pitcher.

  18. I wouldn’t buy anything associated with the likes of TRUMP, a penthouse or one of his crummy China made ties.

  19. Well, actually the entire world is willing to contribute to the Mars mission if the dumpf clan and cult are deported to Mars. Whew! That would be a relief.

    They are all inbred and products of incest anyway. America II, this time we will corrupt Mars!

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