Housing Voids Survey Reports in Seconds – Mobile Housing Voids Surveying App for Social Housing

Housing Voids Survey Reports in Seconds – Mobile Housing Voids Surveying App for Social Housing

In this video I’m going to show you how to do your housing void surveys more quickly and with less effort so stick around. Hi my name is James from PocketSurvey. This channel is all about helping you become a more efficient surveyor so please subscribe to see more videos of our surveying software. Are you wasting time writing up your survey inspection reports? Are you struggling typing data into your spreadsheets? With PocketSurvey you can avoid tedious work save time and save money. Watch this video to the end and you’ll find out how. This is the mobile part of the PocketSurvey software running on an Android tablet. We have a full range of survey templates covering commercial, residential, social housing, and compliance risk assessment. This is a short demonstration of the housing void survey that is part of our social housing and quality range of templates. So let’s tap into it! The first thing you’ll find with PocketSurvey it’s a very clean and simple user interface. The buttons on the right that help you navigate the app. We can use a visit list where we can choose a list of properties, drilling down by the town and the address. The menu list of surveyors is like most menus in PocketSurvey, where you can set them up in your desktop software, or you can actually type them in directly on site. This particular survey uses a schedule of rates of your own choosing. PocketSurvey templates are split into sections and you can enter them in any order you like. So let’s start with the overview section. You just simply tap next to choose the items from the list. What we can do is take some general photos of the building, for example the front elevation. Here we can take a photo with the camera, or we can even pick one from a previously taken photograph from the gallery. So let’s pick one from the gallery. When an item has been entered you’ll see a green tick next to it. In this case we’re not going to take any more photographs we just go to tap done. There’s some admin sections where you can log tenant details, void dates, and key details. I won’t go into great detail about these. There’s also a services section where you can log all the details of the meters, the gas, the electric, the water, and the heating. The main part of the survey is the void work section which is using your external schedule of rates. This is split into sections. So for example we’ll go into the roofing section and look at the chimney that needs some work. We can pick from the schedule of rates, then enter the quantity of work, then choose a priority. And also if we want to, take a photograph. In this case we will do and pick another one from the Android photo gallery. You could also enter additional comments by using the Google Voice typing. We can go through in this manner, looking at all the items in the roof or we can tap Done and then go into another section of the survey. For example the bathroom. In here we can choose the bath, and then choose a work item, change the priority. In this case we won’t take a photograph and we won’t answer any more comments. So you can go through the whole survey in this way, section by section, choosing all the Void work you need to do. Then we can enter some overall comments, and finally we need to answer all the mandatory questions marked in red. Here we can return to the visit list or just tap quit to finish. All we need to do now is transfer the data from the mobile device up to the cloud. You don’t need an internet connection apart from when you’re sending and receiving data. Here we can return to the templates and either do another survey, or just tap exit to quit. That’s a brief demo of the mobile part of the PocketSurvey software. The other part is the desktop database on reporting system which will create your reports in seconds without any further editing. The features of the full PocketSurvey software are covered in other videos on this channel. Your professional report comes off in seconds, complete with your company logo and company details. There’s an automatically generated table of contents, showing all the sections in the report. Then there’s an introduction page, a survey overview, and then some pages about the administration and services logged in the survey. The main part of the report is the detailed items of all the work, quantities and costs, complete with hyperlinked photographs. Then at the end of the document is the gallery of all the photographs taken on site. Please feel free to ask any questions below or contact me via the PocketSurvey website. And if you found this video useful please give it a thumbs up. You will find links in the description below to download a trial copy of the mobile software. Please subscribe and click the notification bell to see more videos from this channel. Thanks for watching If you want to find out more please join our mailing list and download the trial app, or book a demonstration via PocketSurvey.com

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