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The secrets to coming up with great Premises that’s what we’re talking about today. What’s up eating a toss key how to be a comedian? Take a few seconds. I’ll even take a break dude. Click the like button. Alright, leave a comment and make sure you subscribe This channel is full of Everything that I’ve accumulated after 16 plus years of being a stand-up comic and I throw it out I puke it all out onto this channel for you guys So I hope you enjoy so let’s talk about premises This is a one area that I find that a lot of comedians have problems in like I don’t know what to write about I don’t know what to write about Well, the good news is that if you’re over the age of five you got plenty of things to write about okay? premises are actually the easiest things to come up with the thing is is that especially when you’re brand new and you’re just starting out, you’re always looking for something that’s funny and A lot of times too That’s where you run into a lot of problems with writing is you’re trying to think of something funny and you’re like, okay this is like a funny type of sentence or Story and then you sit in being like, okay. Well, I gotta add more punchlines and I don’t know what I’m doing And then I’ll derives just from that initial thought of always wanting to like I need to find the funny So let’s talk about what you really need to do to get you premises going First of all, the good news is I don’t have it on me here, but you got us everybody’s got a cell phone, okay? You got a cell phone and there’s a note song together. I got an iPhone I’m sure I’m sure the other type of phone with Samsung has it as well You have notes in there And what I want you to do is every day if something makes you happy sad man Whatever anything that gives you emotion, write it down, okay From mourning tonight write it down. I even go so far as like even if I’m in conversation with people, I don’t even really know I’ll say please I have to have this I got to get this idea down or I’ll forget it Everybody understands, you know long as I know cheese like that you cannot texting or take a phone call the middle of a conversation, you know, they usually everybody is more than Happy to allow you that space cuz everybody knows you forget thoughts. And then you spend a half hour trying to get them back Which brings me to the next thing before I get any further into this is always when you have an idea write it down write That in there. Don’t be lazy Don’t do that to yourself okay, because there’s nothing worse you could that half hour you’re gonna spend trying to remember that thing that you didn’t write down could have been that half hour He could have been writing out a bit on that very thing if it was written down So always make notes always write down. My phone is full of notes And I’m always uh, you know, whatever part of the day. I’m like, whoa I know I’m not gonna remember this took me a long time to uh To get into that, you know, it took me years before I was like man I got to stop doing this to myself Okay, so let’s get back to those things of Happy sad glad mad all those different emotions Okay, when you write those out and you let’s say you write those out everyday all those things you’re going to have you’re gonna be able to then look at the list and You’re gonna have a list of like Even in a few days you’re gonna have a dozen Fifteen things that you can sit and say, okay, what do I want to write about? What what here really strikes me? I’d have nothing striking you it’s simple All you do is you take that thought and you write out why you feel that way What was the scenario that why did it make you feel that way and and actually try to create and create and craft a story? Around it Okay, and then what’s gonna happen as a material can kind of form on its own? Okay, you’d be surprised how many times you just think like? Oh, this is kind of a throwaway thing and then you sit down and write in being like boy Am I glad I wrote this down. This is like exactly what I should be writing about so The other thing too is I want to talk about like the emotions and why they’re important in your premises, okay? Everybody’s always looking for funny stories, but I find the things that make me upset More than anything else. Give me my best material of things that I don’t find particularly that settling Whether it be outward, you know in society or with myself I’m like, these are the things that I feel necessary at least for myself to talk about so Unraveling those emotions are back I think a bit cathartic as well, but you can sit and really take a look at why you feel that way Why is this something that’s so strong to you? And this also goes into finding your voices like when you’re really like digging deep and thinking to yourself Why do I feel this way and you start talking about the the reason you feel this way inside of a comedy club? You’re gonna find The people that you actually want as quote-unquote fans. Okay, you want people that are like-minded? I see a lot of people they’ll pick premises and they want to be edgy or something like that and a lot of times they say pick something that they either don’t know a lot about Or you tend to be on the younger age? You know spectrum like you’re in your 20s and you’re trying to take on larger thoughts that maybe are a lot more complex than You’re aware of right now and you’re going out and trying to change people’s minds and that just simply doesn’t work you know the best thing if you’re trying to do those sort of things those things that do irritate you is is to really Understand why they’re irritating you and that’s what you write about Okay, and I think if it really comes down to just being a prolific be prolific you know write down a ton of ideas and write a lot write an hour a day and Keep going through and what’s gonna happen is that you know, the more you do it the better You’re gonna get I always use sports analogies So I could be a second free-throws shoot more free-throws You know shoot a thousand today and you’re gonna shoot a lot better over Over you know the months and years you keep doing it. So writings. No different Okay, so many young comedians get frustrated with the writing process and it’s just right Well, I’m not writing anything funny doesn’t matter just write keep writing Okay, it’s going the more you write the more you’re gonna find into the flow and the more premises you have, you know the more things you can write about the more materially gonna have and just it’s just gonna allow you to really expand and grow your material a lot faster and It’ll also teach you how to write on a lot a lot of different subject matter Which I think is highly important as you’re out there young and trying to find your way All right if you enjoyed this click the good Blake there hit me up the comments if I If there’s something I ever you want me to talk about Subdue the whole thing subscribe to the channel. I hope you enjoyed this and we will see you tomorrow

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