How to Treat Tenants In Your Rental Property

How to Treat Tenants In Your Rental Property

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  1. It got to a point where tenants were taking advantage of me. We changed out policy to the following.
    1) We will not call you for rent.
    2) If your rent is not paid on the morning of the 16th, we file eviction. Takes about 20 minutes total at the court house for a newbie in Charlotte.
    3) No exceptions.

    I let the tenants know that it isn't anything personal. After it happens once, they usually pay onetime. We also give them the option that they can change the day rent is due for an extra $20 per month. After a bunch of late fees, tenants usually appreciate only paying $20 extra per month rather than the full late fee. Of course some people are just later every month which I am OK with as well. Bottom line, you have to be willing to evict. It usually is not that hard to do once you figure it out.

  2. It is amazing how informative your videos are.  I am a well-educated, career oriented person but the information provided in your channel has helped me 10x over!

  3. I have one question: if the tenant stays for a long time ,like 5 years, do you rase the rent every year ? and what is the best way to tell the tenant about that? i only have one proprty and managing it myself . Thank you!

  4. if a person have used m/c and visa cards over maxed can not make payment , what m/c company can do and still want to buy property but have small income just to live on, how to deal and handle bank , still want to buy property with my friend is lending me $1000.00 ? what will you advise please do reply

  5. 18:45 The handrail shouldn't be secured in the drywall, it should be secured in a stud. If it wasn't installed properly from the outset, the tenant's security deposit shouldn't pay for that.

  6. "It's my property. But, it's your home." I've said this myself to my tenants. It goes a long way to build a good relationship.

  7. they don't like a man because then they think they can change other plans the best thing is but a professional landscaper go in and you probably manager that's why you have a property management company go in and let them change the plants and do not become chimney it is a business as not a home that's a real estate piece of property I know that sounds mean but I've been in the business over 30 years I'm a developer and a property management company I've got Papi all over the United States Apartment Homes commercial building and strip malls and let me tell you you not they are cash cows that's how we come says for I know it cold blooded that's how it's got to be or you're here everybody said store in the neighborhood and remember it's not their house or home it's your property it just like an employee they pay you you keep it clean you keep all the maintenance up and you do the best to give him a real clean environment just like employee they work and I get paid they don't pay out employees or work oh rentals I also Mountain Property Management Company on top of a Construction

  8. depends on where the property is like in San Diego and some of the higher rents area you don't always get the value of what you properties what when went to think I'll make it up in volume even if I make $100 apartment I'm still making up and I can make up to $32,000 and a month with a bunch of poppies where I might only make a few hundred dollars and renting property so it's not always right to own homes that is one of the poorest investment whoever told you that is wrong

  9. How come you are in different cities? Do you have kids? Who managing your personal finances? Who is final decision maker in your family?

  10. You're so right about more freedom with kids. My 5 kids all grown up now. My kids didn't even have a curfew. But they knew that on school days they couldn't stay out after 10pm. Weekends were free for them to come when ever they felt like it. And believe it or not, most of the time my boys and girls came home by 12am. When they turned 18, I told them that it was their responsibility to organize their time, even though they were still in high school. I wanted to prepare them for college. Parents have such stiff curfews for adult kids just because they are still in high school. And then when they go to college, they are right away on their own and they don't know what to do, and how to manage their time. All my kids educated, no drug edicts, or alcoholics. I'm not saying that we are a perfect family, far from it. But our kids are really doing good.

  11. I am not sure if you two have covered this before but I was wondering what tips you guys have when looking to hire a property manager. Thanks for the great info guys!

  12. Why do so many apartment ads state that tenants must make "3 times the rent"? Is that even possible these days? As a retired person on a fixed income, my rent is now 2/3 of my monthly income. Yet I always pay the rent in full and on time. The rent comes first, and other things can be done without, if necessary. Retirees are often long-term tenants, too. One would think that having a reliable, long-term tenant at a lower monthly rate would be preferable to constantly raising the rent, and constant turnover of tenants.

  13. I really look at it as just another business, you are more or less selling a service. The lease is the service contract. As far as damages go, I just use the classification of 'normal wear and tear'. If it isn't a normal wear and tear then tenant gets charged for it. An example would be 1 burned out light bulb. That would be normal wear and tear. Missing bulbs or any burned out bulbs over the count of 1 burned out, is not normal wear and tear. I think as long as you're fair, explain your reasoning why and have solid reasons most people are civilized about it. You can't just fix, fix, fix… if you do that the tenants will just keep breaking stuff that shouldn't be broken. Be cordial, but firm. I manage my own property. Yeah I know I'm cray – cray. But I am hands on kind of guy.

  14. Great fair but firm perspective. My experience in property management has taught me that educating and regularly re-educating the tenant is a necessary element of a proper risk management plan, tenant appreciated, and helps build enduring owner/management-tenant relationships. Keep these great videos coming.

  15. Very nice information, Thank you. I real like how you feel about the tenant, there home. I try very hard to have my tenants feel that it is there home. It has worked very well for me.

  16. By law in New York and Connecticut we dont have to pay our rent until the 9th of ever month and I never pay mines a day before.

  17. What are y'alls thoughts on renting out to section 8? I'm thinking about starting out with 3 or 4 of those properties before moving on to regular tenants because section 8 I'll be guaranteed to be paid on time every month. Plus I live in Louisville, KY and the only neighbourhoods where I can meet that $40k home are class D neighborhoods. Thanks for any tips! Love y'alls channel!


  19. I need answers now…. I live and a three family home… The lady down stairs got a recording camera video audio… And the guy upstairs been a victim too…. She got the basement door lock wit her key…. I feel she using my electric…lol… the lease say no catS she got cats …landlord said my garage too… My side the right.. The first floor lady keep locking it… For her….but… She took a pic of me guess from her camera system and put it on my door…. I was with my son taking him to school..His school clothes he had on lol… So she be watching me…. 7am…lard lord said no Kids at the house or staying the night…OK… I move n on the 6 of this mouth and being ask to leave 1 next… I feel her and the landlord lady our friends and they watch people then evict them but the lady downstairs really breaking the lease….her music up all the time…lol crazy but true… What do i do actually…I'm not the first everybody that move her go through the same thing…..

  20. i definitely do not want to be like a parent to my tenants. i have great tenants that i treat with respect. and it is mutual. this specific tenant does not require a lot of overhead. i am totally laid back with them yet i know what is going on. had it been a different personality i would not have been as relaxed. fiy, this tenant did not pass the income rule. but they have been paying like a clock. wish they would renew again.

  21. In real estate, a critical thing to consider is the potential cash flow of an income property. That means the amount of benefit that comes on an ongoing basis. It’s kind of like friendship with you. That pays dividends of respect and happiness every single day! Have a wonderful day today 😊

  22. NOTES:


    Essentially, this video talks about the balance between a tenant having responsibility to you and you having a responsibility to them. A key thing to remember is it is your property but it is their home. So, you need to do what you can to make the place a home as much as possible. If a tenant feels at home, they are more likely to stay long term. This is a very important thing to consider. Tenants who feel at home are less likely to cause problems for you. In short, if your clients feel at home, they’re far more likely to be better tenants. Essentially, this is a simple idea. Do unto others what you would have them do unto you.

  23. The airlines should charge people by the pound good idea.. Why would I pay extra for my baggage when there are 90% fat people over my weight in the plane. lol

  24. One Technic that I do ; when replacing toilets is to put one in with a larger diameter tube leading to the drain. The standard toilet is about 2.25 inches. You can go 3 inches and save yourself numerous calls to get them unplugged. I absolutely will not pay for their plugged toilet repair.

  25. I think after being a landlord over ten years, you or your management company almost needs a single line initial part of each contract. For example, If you have any problems call these two numbers for repair. Do not fix it and send me the bill. Or, I have to right to inspect every Tuesday. Or, any toilet backup will be fixed by the tenant. Please call these numbers. Please initial that the unit is in good working order, nothing is damaged or lose. If we don't receive the rent payment by the fifth of the month, we will start eviction process. Etc Etc.

  26. These people are genuine people Not many people like this around anymore genuine good people they can easily sell you their advice or strategies and they genuinely just wanna help people I'm definitely getting into C class houses investment and I watch all of their videos great great people

  27. You guys are so REAL! Loving all the videos. Thanks again for the information. I am sharing your videos with work friends interested in real estate investing.

  28. Great content and I agree that we are dealing with human beings . I once allowed my tenant to stay in my place for 4 months without paying rent due to a hardship and at the end she paid me in full. One reason I decided to allow it was because this particular tenant has been in my rental property for 10 years . Blessings

  29. Hi Clayton and Natali, I currently own 5 properties in Central Virginia. I see your point on hiring a property management company, but some are better than others at actually managing the properties they own. With mine, rent is due on the first of the month, no exceptions. I have an automated reminder through email and text messaging that goes out 3 days before rents are due to remind my tenants. I don't every let a tenant give me an excuse for being late with rent payment. I look for distressed duplexes in my area and have been successful finding them. I like managing my own properties.

  30. i just looked at a room for rent, and he told me i cannot use the laundry or the kitchen. i mean i dont have a car how can i live without using the kitchen or laundry? crazy

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