InBody Spotlight – Anuruddh Misra MD of Premise Health

My name is Anuruddh Misra I am I’m board-certified both in internal medicine and sports medicine. I’m a qualified medical examiner I’m a Medical Director for Premise Health in San Francisco. Amongst other activities I do, I serve as a consultant for teams Major League Baseball and have for the NFL as well. My practice model at Premise Health is focused in really two fronts. One magistrate of which is occupational medicine one of which is the primary care internal medicine component of it. In the occupational medicine arena, most of those patients are musculoskeletal injuries and I see the downstream effects of them being deconditioned being a direct lead-in to them having more occupational medicine injuries Well then that brings me to the other side of the practice which is really internal medicine sports medicine angle which is to say now how do I optimize these people’s baseline of health. We rifle through a high volume of these people and InBody played a pivotal role in that. When we had that InBody challenge, it became obvious to us that we were doing these people such a good service. We felt like we really were making a difference in these people so for me that became one part of this a-ha moment. And I think that what it has done is it’s been the ultimate force multiplier for people being more tuned and aware to their systems because people don’t know how to do this assessment otherwise. It really isn’t many other great matters with which to do it. The role that body composition plays is that it helps me give that personalized medicine recommendations that they’re looking for. If I see somebody with an elevated visceral fat score I become very compelled to make the first move to learning what their dietary practices are because to me, that’s where the most actionable first step is. If a person basically has an elevated visceral fat score they’re going to have more insulin resistance. An the inverse is true too. And of course there are ways to redress that if it’s a problem. We’re taught in medical school and in postdoctoral education that it’s pretty much a one-way street you’re a diabetic, it’s a life sentence and you’re gonna be on medication for life and there’s no other way out of that. That is not the case and InBody has been useful. So these are some of the a-ha moments. If a person has never been introduced to the concept of intermittent fasting this is a beautiful time to get it in there. Intermittent fasting is a single most powerful therapeutic metabolic intervention you can do for patient. It’s the easiest thing. In the people who have the most need to improve who are really not testing out well, they can see profound improvements especially the first five to ten percent of where they’re at and in fact that metabolic is where we see this. But how do I keep a track of it independent of the labs? I don’t need to keep on checking labs on people if I can document it in a different way. If I’m able to show a progressive decrease in the visual fat score over the course of three to six months, I may even reduce their lab draws. So it becomes a very nice way for people to have a personalized private audit of where they’re at. The reason patients come back is because they understand that they are being held to account and they’re looking forward to it. Before the InBody, what metrics could they get other than taking their vital signs and maybe checking a finger stick or something. InBody becomes a great non-invasive way and an non-intimidating for people to really go further. I want to be able to convince the patient, who may have thought they’re hopeless with just a little bit of intervention and medical direction on my part, I can then quickly document to them and even just one month’s time the improvements they’ve had. And that’s where the intermittent fasting, dietary changes, and exercise prescription come right into play. If I’m able to motivate them based on InBody results and the plethora of other medical data points I have, now I’ll get them doing that to achieve what they want to achieve and that is very powerful in real time.

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