Land Surfboard!? | DOPE or NOPE?

Land Surfboard!? | DOPE or NOPE?

Kind of a cool package too. Textured Foam Non Slip Tre- Is That Like A Dead Beetle In There What Is That? Ewwww Hello, and welcome. My name is Matthias and today Brian’s also joining me. Ahh I’m sorry about that guys. I didn’t anticipate Brian showing his face today. I Quit Today, we’re looking at. A land Surfboard. Or A SurfBoard RipStick. Or A Rip Surf-SkateBoard. Ah You Know. Its Got A Bunch Of Diffrent Names. But It Is A Very Unusual Looking Item. That Allows You Supposedly Surf On Land Now Bryan, Have You Surfed Before. Yes. Have You? I’ve Attempted. Ha .Thats What I Thought , Ok But Have You Successfully Surfed? Negative. I Have. Get Outta Here. I Have Story: The First Time I Went Surfing There Was Actually A Grea- 2 Great Whites In The Water. And Thats. I’ve Never Been….So Aha Aha Your Just Too Scared To Stand No No *sudden sfx* Too Scared No , And Then The Next Day A Surfer Was Attacked By A Great White Did He Live Luckily , Sh- She Was Sitting Up On Her Board , And They Just Bit (x2) ,The Board And It Was A Chunk So What Are You Scared

100 thoughts on “Land Surfboard!? | DOPE or NOPE?

  1. I've always thought it'd be so cool to surf on land, and this Ripsurf board comes really close to it! Bobby definitely has the skills when it comes to riding it like a BOSS too! If you enjoyed this video, go check out "10 Unique Chinese Products!"

  2. Ive dune surf before but i was sitting even the adults behind me sat in the board when its there turn but my dad stood up succesfully my mom fell on the hot sand

  3. Dude Matthias you're like 40. Stop trying to prove to 20 year olds that you are cooler or smarter or have done more things than them. It's really cringey.

  4. Hello 👋 matt I have a ripstik it s red and I am better at it not trying to say you suck but I won’t one but mine is the original one

  5. Matt: sorry, I didn’t expect Bryan to show his face…
    Bryan: I quit
    Matt * laugh sarcastically
    Bryan: I’m being serious

  6. Did you change bobby's voice or is it that deep? He's almost got a baby face and it don't just match his vocals lol.
    I'd bust my face on that thing. I've never been good with things like that lol.

  7. If you fall left or right then its understandable but if you fall forward or backward you need to reassess your life choices

  8. I'm getting one but just the normal one
    Colour grey
    Where I bought it
    Price 270 Rand
    Why 270 rand takealot had a 46% discount

  9. The only thing that made me want to watch this cause I’m a pro and sometimes I ride for the ripsurf

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