This is really dangerous People are losing their lives All across the country, but with Philadelphia of course the number of people that have overdosed and died makes this so critical We see housing as a human right, if
you’re hungry you just need something to eat we’re not gonna tell you are you
food ready if you need something to eat no, but we do that with housing all the
time are you housing ready have you done the things that are necessary to prove
that you are ready to get into housing no, you’re homeless you have no way to be able to work on things like your recovery, to work on their mental health,
the massive amounts of trauma that somebody is going through When you have a safe place to be stable you have more of an opportunity to take those steps
and so then that’s our whole idea is like let’s give you a warm stable safe
place that you don’t have to worry about somebody assaulting you, somebody
stealing your medications someone who knows what else, and then you can have a chance to be able to work on your recovery, that you can have a chance to
think through the really significant things that are going on in your in your
past in your present and for your future too When I found Pathways, I was on the streets still, it was my fifth year in Kensington I was homeless for like some years I was
sleeping abandoned in houses and stuff like that at first everything appealed but the
free housing and when I first heard about it I was like okay this is great, I have a place to get high, you know I’m taken care of, I’m good and then when I got in the program it was just, I don’t know I got that boost of wanting a better life I guess I said one day I’m gonna get I get my own spot so that’s what I did, it’s like my own castle and I love it it feels so comfortable being in your own spot I’d like to thank Pathway for this I was still ripping and running like going down to Kensington and I was OD’ing a lot, but I wouldn’t do it at my apartment you know what I mean,
and I took like two months but then finally you know they got me into take
different programs It feels good the have something again you know you can like wash your dishes or give yourself a bath and what not That makes you feel good It sounds way too good to be true and being an addict do you think that is
everything’s used to being too good to be true but no this program is
everything The number of people that are dealing
with addiction and especially addiction with opioids it has crossed over many many lines we’re not on the other end of this crisis yet I think that we’re starting to develop a lot of the resources and responses and before we get to that point we’re gonna have to be willing to really push the boundaries do
some things that might be really hard for some of us to take, but I think when
we have a wide variety of responses that look like a lot of different things for
the individual for the person it’s not just what it worked for this person or
this person over here when we have a lot of that stuff I think that we’ll be able
to get to the other end I’d be seeing the people underneath for the bridge and I think God I ain’t got to go that way no more

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