Premier League Classic: Liverpool 3-1 Everton | Kewell’s fine strike seals derby win

Premier League Classic: Liverpool 3-1 Everton | Kewell’s fine strike seals derby win

Liverpool with the incentive of knowing they will move above
Manchester United into second place with a win, albeit
having played three more matches. For Everton, the carrot of
a possible UEFA Cup place, they’re currently six points off the top six,
but after their horrid start to the season it’s pretty remarkable that
they’re in the hunt at all. Cahill. DAVID PLEAT: Little bit sloppy again there
when Hibbert plays that ball forward, a misunderstanding between Hyypia
and Carragher, very rare. CLIVE: Kilbane. Free kick. Foul by Alonso. Looks to be a yellow card too. DAVID: Well, basically Phil Dowd
is saying he’s got no alternative. I’m not sure. OK, he’s a little too late,
did he go for the ball or go for the man? CLIVE: Here’s Neville. Kilbane. Another foul, right under
the nose of the referee this time. Again Kilbane the victim,
Gerrard the perpetrator this time. DAVID: That’s the point I made,
he’s just made a booking… Oh! CLIVE: I just wonder, when we saw the yellow
card brandished, seemingly at Alonso, for the foul on Kilbane previously, whether
in fact it was given to Gerrard for dissent, and therefore it made that foul
his second bookable offence. Carragher. Cahill down and away,
only as far as Xabi Alonso, with time… It’s a corner. On the cusp of first-half stoppage time. Crouch was arriving. Some dilligent defending by Everton
in the end, Cahill flicking it away. Oh, and it’s in! Liverpool have stolen a goal and it’s a catastrophic moment
for Philip Neville. Baited throughout the half, and now
Mr Unfortunate as the ball is swung in. Here’s Garcia,
over Richard Wright! And it’s two for the ten men! One goal in first-half stoppage time
and then possibly a killer second in only the second minute of the second half. DAVID: Quite incredibly I think it was
the centre-backs, Naysmith got caught, and did Richard Wright have to come? I think he should have stayed, I think he’s
made the opportunity clearer for Garcia, who has took it expertly. CLIVE: Oh, and there’s a goal back,
and it’s Tim Cahill. A master of the late arrival at set-pieces. Two against Villa last weekend,
and now an Evertonian lifeline at Anfield. Alonso – oh, off the woodwork! DAVID: Good attempt, it was that side
of the goal which was left open and the goalkeeper will have seen it late. CLIVE: Oh, Xabi Alonso
caught by Van Der Meyde. There’s trouble here. Liverpool players incensed that Van Der
Meyde’s arm was used in the challenge. It’s going to be ten against ten. Andy Van Der Meyde sent off
on his Merseyside derby debut. Finnan. There’s Kewell! That’s a beauty, and that
wins the derby for Liverpool. Harry Kewell, whose first ever
Liverpool goal was against Everton, comes up with a corker to make it 3-1.

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  3. There’s this boy I’m really good friends with, I support Liverpool but he supports Everton. Should I kill the traitor

  4. Nice. Can anyone tell me which city is more catholic, Everton or Liverpool??

  5. I remember this well, my Bluenose buddies got all giddy when Stevie got sent off, said this could be the game when they finally broke their duck at Anfield.
    Naaaah, sit down fellas XD

  6. Harry Kewell, Tim Cahill… Wow, the glory days of Australian football!! Taking nothing away from Mooy and Maty Ryan though.

  7. I feel bad for liverpool fans. After over 2 decades of waiting , liverpool were so close to winning the premier league title ; 2019-20 season 100% liverpool would have won it. Last season , liverpool got denied of the title because of man citi and this season because of China (covid-19). HOPE U DO WELL IN 2021 AS I DON'T THINK u will win the title this season. ALL THE BEST LIVERPOOL AND I FEEL REGRETFUL ABOUT UR TITLE LOSS.

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