what’s going on guys this is Adam Kurtz
and today I’m gonna be explaining what property taxes are when you become a
homeowner you take on many new responsibilities one of them is paying
property taxes knowing the definition of property tax how property taxes are
calculated what causes them to go up and down and what exemptions are available
is important and that knowledge can even save you money so what are property
taxes it’s important to know how to calculate property taxes and how much
property taxes are property taxes are generally levied by county but often
include taxes paid to other local entities like school districts utility
authorities or city governments the rules rates and regulations surrounding
property taxes can vary significantly depending on where you live therefore
these guidelines are general for specifics consult your local taxing
authorities I hope you guys found this video helpful don’t forget to hit the
subscribe button like share with your friends on social media and if you or
anyone you know needs help buying or selling a home I’d be more than happy to

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