Public Land Day 9: Missouri Monster at 15 feet! | The Hunting Public

Public Land Day 9: Missouri Monster at 15 feet! | The Hunting Public

They’ve been coming up this trail quite a bit Aaron! Get an arrow! I’m on him I’m good I almost took a shot at that buck.
I had him. did you hear me say oh yeah I almost took a shot at that are you
rolling yeah I almost took a shot at that buck
but he was about 45 yards and fully alert and I had the pin on him I didn’t
know the exact range because I have my range finders in my pack and I had the
pressure on the trigger but I just didn’t feel comfortable I thought I
thought there was a high odds chance of me wounded him at that distance I’d like
to have him at 30 or 35 and in and I just I could have shot him but I just
stepped up on this bank over here you can see it and I made it maybe 10-15
feet and my guess is that that buck was asleep in his bed because I got maybe
six eight feet from him and jumped him from there and I we’ve been looking at
this spot on the map you know with the north wind where this comes down and
meets right here it’s just perfect for a buck to bed and he was right there on
the very end of it right where you would suspect a buck to be bedding at watching
out over this this river bottom I think the only reason that I was able to get
up to him is because he was asleep and he jumped out of there he had a bunch of
crap in his antlers and looked like he had a heck of a time crossing the creek
but I watched him go up into another bedding area over here I wouldn’t be
surprised if he circles downwind so we may I don’t know what we should do I
think we need to try to get him right didn’t even see me right yeah he didn’t
he didn’t know what I was at all he stood there and looked over I think what
he’ll do is he’ll he’ll go out there for a while and then here in a few hours
he’ll circle downwind and try to get back over there yeah I think so we’ll work back into the
wind here or with the wind I watched him go out across that big field but he
doesn’t know what’s going on it was right over there he jumped up
anyway right up here away from us right in there he’s gonna come back around
right through here he’s got a neon shirt and a bow he’s gonna go up to that stand and the hope is is that he’s gonna try
to get downwind of what jumped him which is me later this evening if he does he
should walk right here in front of us that’s the hope and as we’re sitting
here waiting for that to happen we look up and here comes mr. neon out of
there we heard some guys talking back in here
on the trail we’re not very far from the car at all that’s why we were very
surprised to jump that buck right there but the spot did set up well for a buck
be there there’s a big double ladder stand down here right over that creek
crossing and that guy was going straight to that stand we don’t get a shot out of
maybe he will do this buddy the Mack yeah that’s true
I’ve got him surrounded it does nothing surrounded yeah if he see if he’s got
any kind of a brain about him he’s gonna go the other direction that I seen
dumber things worked before Did that guy shoot him? the guy is climbing down he did climb down, dang it. we’d a shot that buck unless he shot him what’s that yeah that little buck it was
a buck yep come right down to it went out in
there yeah he’s a little too far for me yeah
ain’t no problem no problem at all yeah yeah there’s a
bunch dear if we saw a bunch of does right here – no problem you have a good
one That guy decided to get out just just in
the nick of time to spook that buck yeah hey there but he walked over in the
base the tree talked for a minute he said he’s only been here for several
years 5 years I think is what he said he’s killed like 17 deer out of this little
hollow which is cool you know he said he’s
gonna be in here hunting that stand all day tomorrow
and to be honest we would have never even been close to this location had we not bumped that buck it looks like a good spot to deer but not necessarily mature
buck and I don’t know that that mature buck would have came this
direction had we not spooked him got close to killing one nice
young buck was coming right for the base of the tree and I probably would have
shot him if he’d gotten here inside 25 yards but no dice that guy started climbing
down and spooked that deer and you haven’t seen the big buck come back out here
tonight and I’m sure it’s because of all the other commotion and stuff that’s
been going on I would not be a bit surprised if he’s better than the same
spot tomorrow I just have to wait and see they may be back in here
either what has been an eventful evening

69 thoughts on “Public Land Day 9: Missouri Monster at 15 feet! | The Hunting Public

  1. I've had that very same guy walk up on me also, except I was in Pa. #publiclandstruggles What a huge, wide main frame 8, great job guys. I am following along!

  2. This is awesome guys! When was the last time anyone has seen a hunting video actually show the real world of having to deal with other hunters like Mr. Neon? Thanks for what you're doing Zach and Aaron

  3. I can’t stop watching these hunts, good work guys! I’m moving into my second year on public lands and I love and embrace the challenge.

  4. Lots of hunters could learn from your demeanor when dealing with other hunters and passing marginal shot opportunities. Way to go guys, hope you have a great season.

  5. U should not have walked in talking…you always need to walk in prepared! And what's your range finder doing in your pack…

  6. Why oh why does youtube insist on pushing ads that are not revelent to everyone id rather see deer in Michigan.

  7. Ive learned hunting public lands of IL and Mo that a friendly approach gets you a lot farther than getting upset or disrespectful. Talk to fellow hunters, find out where they hunt so you can keep distance from each other. There's plenty land for all of us. I carry maps and show guys where im going and I ask where they're headed. Most times, we make friends and all enjoy our time.

  8. Glad to see someone with the sense and control not to risk just injuring a deer out of range. If everyone exhibited the same courtesy you did, it would be safer hunting on public lands. Hope you get a shot at an even bigger one Enjoyed the video!!

  9. great job not shooting that deer. That shows that you are a true hunter and dont just let one fly hoping for the best. Great video.

  10. Like your guys style… telling all my buddies to check you all out.
    Would love to pick your guys brains on bedding areas.
    Keep on keeping on

  11. New fan of yours here, fellas. I’m new to hunting and I’m actually in MO, just outside of STL, and I’m learning on my own and I’ll be getting into public lands. Thanks for setting the example that you do, and keep it up!

  12. Very classy and respectful way to handle things with the other hunter. It's so hard for some public land hunters to accept the fact the land is for others to enjoy too. Best of luck to you guys this season and I'm proud to have located your channel as I've been missing ya'll on the other one.

  13. You would think Mr Neon could have showed a little hunting edict and waited until dark to get down. Some people are just clueless! Anyways, great video.

  14. Man you handled that situation a lot better than I would have. Im pretty lucky I have been able to hunt private land all my life. Public land is no joke, those bucks don't get big being stupid.

  15. We have What's called hunter etiquette in Indiana and you can be fined for walking up on someone hunting like that and ruining their hunting talking to them. That's just fucking ridiculous and stupid.

  16. I tried archery hunting for a few years. i always had great groups when shooting targets but when it came time i always missed. the last straw was when i wounded a bid eight point, so i stopped.

  17. Oh the joys of public hunting grounds…work your tail off and someone comes in at daylight, sounds like a bulldozer coming down and ruins your hunt.

  18. You handled that super cool and professionally. Cool vid. Not sure why people feel the need to approach your stand and have a conversation though. Probably to tell you he's been hunting there for a long time. "my spot cough cough."

  19. I have hunted on a lot of public land and I actually enjoy it once in awhile you will run to Hunter's that are not good Hunters but for the most part it's been a positive experience get there early and sit tight as I have learned most hunters can't sit still more than a couple hours and start running on the woods pushing the deer around be patient and you will fill your tag

  20. wow what an awesome video I know this hunt was from a few months ago but don't you know that camera man is supposed to have the rifle with him on his back LOL great video guys keep them coming really enjoy watching your Channel

  21. just one question what kind of video camera do you use and where can I purchase one it seems to work well for you guys and I'm very interested to know more about it

  22. Im impressed. I have watched a lot of videos and I have to say you are one of the few that actually knows what your doing. Instead of a whistle to stop that buck yell at it as loud as you can. That will make a big buck stop a lot quicker because the echo off the trees etc.will confuse it and it will stop and try to figure out whats going on . I have jumped lots of big bucks under 10 feet away and I can usually get them to stop within 25 yards of me. Of course if it has seen you or caught your scent you are generally out of luck. I gave up deer hunting a few years ago because of all the NIMRODS out there and now Im old and I dont have the stamina that I used to have. Ive pretty much always hunted by myself and have got about 30 big bucks with a bow using methods that are very unusual but they work. I would hunt with you because you know what your doing and you are an ethical hunter like me. The green shirt NIMROD should have just gave you a friendly wave when he saw you and a gesture to apologize for ruining your hunt, kept his mouth shut and moved on so as to not ruin your hunt any more than he had already done. Its hard to outsmart a big buck but its even harder to outsmart all the NIMRODS out there. You deserve to shoot a big one every year and no doubt you do.

  23. I hunt public a Lot and my guess is that guy came down to keep you from killing that deer. Why else come down right during prime time

  24. This is why I don't hunt public land in my state.stupid ass hunters like this old fart.noway I'm gonna put up with dumb hunters messing up my hunt.

  25. cool vid-aren't you afraid deer wil spook wearing that black t-shirt? Q-do you guys sight your bows in from treestand or the ground?l

  26. Never feel bad about passing a marginal shot. You guys are ethical hunters and know that the worst thing is to wound an animal. Kudos.

  27. That's part of public land we have to deal with. over the years I learned hunting during the week days hunting is the best because most people are at work.👍

  28. Wooo I don’t know how y’all stayed so calm. I’d been ticked if some ol boy was climbing down that early and spooked a buck off!

  29. I must say, that was a impressive 8 point. On public land while in stand, I once observed a guy park a conversion van on the edge of some timber and hunt out of the side sliding door. The hunt didn’t pan out👎🏻

  30. That’s the whole problem with hunting public in Missouri to many people want to get in late and leave early! You could set up in the perfect spot an someone is bound and determined to mess it up! We deal with a ton of Louisiana fellas an most of the ones I’ve ran into have no respect at all!

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