REPLAYED: Southampton 1-2 Liverpool | Sadio’s super strike and Bobby’s belter wins it

REPLAYED: Southampton 1-2 Liverpool | Sadio’s super strike and Bobby’s belter wins it

JOHN BRADLEY: Well, it certainly feels like Liverpool are being put through
the ringer at the moment, the new season may only be
a couple of weeks old but it feels like
we’ve been going for months, such has been the drama and the incident
that Liverpool have been involved with. Alexander-Arnold on the charge. Not a good ball from Salah. It’s Redmond. Adams for Redmond again,
Adams continues his run. It’s in between Matip and Van Dijk, it’s a
really good recovery by Virgil van Dijk, who did just enough to put him off
and enable Adrian to come and gather. GARY GILLESPIE: It’s a lovely little run
in between the two centre-backs. And he’s a little bit unlucky, Che Adams. Virgil van Dijk gets a little bit on it,
but not quite enough. And really had to rely on Adrian
to be where he was. JOHN: That’s Salah on the chase,
Vestergaard and Yoshida the defenders, taken out of the game by Salah, and Oxlade-Chamberlain never really got
the ball to where he wanted it. GARY: He gets the ball stuck under
his feet a little bit, just there, and hence the reason he kind of hits it
into the ground and it’s a bobbler. JOHN: Adrian’s clearance goes
straight to Ryan Bertrand, and Matip’s header… was a dangerous one in that situation, trying
to guide it back towards his goalkeeper. GARY: You can see his intention in just
trying to glance it back to Adrian. For me, Adams is offside, I think it
should be given but it’s not. JOHN: Ward-Prowse to deliver. That’s an astonishing save by Adrian! He reacts and gets a fingertip on it,
and manages to keep the ball out. Here’s Salah trying to break. Romeu took the ball off him fairly. Here comes James Milner back onto the field. GARY: Well, it’s a wonderful save by Adrian, that’s point-blank, Yoshida will be
wondering how he doesn’t score. He just gets wrong side of
Oxlade-Chamberlain, who’s trying to block him off – he doesn’t, and hence the reason
he gets the jump on Van Dijk. And really, from that sort of distance, a little bit more power on the header and
the goalkeeper’s got nowhere to go. JOHN: Delivered towards Adams
with the header! And he may feel he should have
done a little better. GARY: You can just see there, Joel Matip
caught watching the ball really. Goes to sleep and you can’t afford to do that, and what you would say,
in any criticism about Adams, you’ve got to hit the target there. If you hit the target, eight times
out of ten you score. JOHN: Wijnaldum, Milner, Mane. Looks to buy himself a yard,
and goes for goal! Oh, he is so special, Sadio Mane. It is scintillating, it is stunning,
it is another special goal from Mane. Absolutely world-class. GARY: You can see
he’s got a little bit of room, but as soon as he comes in-field
he really should be closed down. Southampton get bodies around him
but don’t get them close enough. He just opens his body up and fires it in, the pinpoint accuracy is absolutely
to be admired, and Angus Gunn has got
absolutely no chance, and Liverpool probably
get one against the head. JOHN: That’s Alexander-Arnold for Milner. Helped on downfield for Salah. Great strength to hold off Vestergaard. Yoshida in the way. It’s Alexander-Arnold with the corner, towards Mane, Milner, little flick! Joel Matip tried the little backheel, and
very nearly found Liverpool a second goal. GARY: I don’t think Milner will put his hand up
and say that he meant this. Little flick from the big centre-back,
not a million miles away, is it? JOHN: Mane. On for Salah, flag stays down,
chance for Liverpool! Saved well by Angus Gunn. GARY: Well, the question
is whether he’s offside or not, you can clearly see there,
I think he’s dead-level. And then it’s all about – can he finish? So often we see Mohamed Salah do this. The one thing you always say, more often than not
he makes the goalkeeper make the save. And the same on that occasion. JOHN: Andrew Robertson’s quite fortunate
that Gini Wijnaldum’s so brilliant on a football, cos he’s done so well,
and Mane, to Firmino! Oh… Well, it would have been one of those –
and you know the ones I mean – one of those Liverpool goals.
As it is, it’s not. GARY: It’s scintillating from Liverpool, Roberto Firmino opens his foot up
a little too much, and hence the reason
he puts it past the upright. JOHN: Nice switch for Ryan Bertrand. That’s comfortable for Adrian. All he had to do is watch the bounce. Milner’s given it away, Southampton’s turn
to come back into the game, it’s Danny Ings, and still Danny Ings… Wasn’t far away. GARY: Had this been on target,
I don’t think Adrian’s saving it. James Milner throwing his body in, it’s not a million miles away from
the man that’s just come onto the pitch. That’s Mane, on towards Firmino, he has support, he’s still trying
to find his way in! He does find his way in, Roberto Firmino. He might have missed a sitter
a couple of minutes ago, he wasn’t missing that one. A second for Liverpool
and a clinical finish from Firmino. GARY: Southampton will be
kicking themselves really, because they lose possession in a really
dangerous area of the pitch, it’s their throw in, but he does
exceptionally well, Firmino, because he was thinking about
the shot early on, and then he was looking
for the pass for Salah, but then just the reverse shot. You might question Gunn’s positioning, but he had an awful lot
of bodies in front of him, pretty unsighted. JOHN: Oxlade-Chamberlain for Salah. Switch for Robertson, header for Mane,
Mane for Robertson! Brilliant from Liverpool and a really
good reaction stop from Gunn. GARY: It’s a lovely little cushioned header
and then the audacity from Mane. That little backheel sets up
the shooting opportunity, and he hits it as well
as he can hit it. It’s a lovely save by young Angus Gunn. JOHN: Armstrong making good ground again but the ball doesn’t do him any favours. Oh, it’s Adrian, who’s gifted
a goal to Danny Ings. Just wanted a little too long,
a little bit too much time, and made a real mess of it,
and Southampton are back in it, and they have a little more than
seven minutes plus stoppage time. GARY: You just didn’t see Southampton
being able to score, but they’ve been gifted a goal here,
he gets caught in two minds, Adrian. The initial idea was to play it wide,
and that’s the one he should have gone with. He’ll know that. JOHN: Change in the direction
for Vestergaard. Djenepo. Lots of movement, lots of red
and white shirts forward, it’s a lovely ball for Valery, they’re queueing up in the middle! Oh, it’s wide, it’s Danny Ings. Liverpool opened up,
and get a big, big letoff. GARY: Wow, wow, wow. Danny Ings, you would think that’s
meat and drink for a player of his ability. It’s a simple tap in really,
but he gets it all wrong, he doesn’t get enough of his right foot on it. He should maybe just let it go across him and try and hit it with his left foot. But it’s a big, big letoff for Liverpool.

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  2. اللهم احفظ جميع بلاد المسلمين من الهم والغم والداء وسوء القضاء

  3. Adrian's symptoms started showing from this match

    Either way, great team, lovely players overall what else could you wish for

    LFC <3

  4. Can you do a Full Match of a match from a few years ago? I'm talking the 4-1 over Man United, the win over Juventus or Chelsea in 04/05 etc.

  5. I guess a proper backup keeper that doesn't keep making terrible mistakes is too much to ask for. He wasn't good enough for West Ham, but good enough for the number 2 in Liverpool….

  6. باختصار جايبين افضل ماتش للحارس ادريان علشان تقولوا انه لاعب كويس بس بعد ماتش اتليتكو لايوجد له مكان في الفريق

  7. Andrian….. this what happen in ucl against ATM….. he always made the clearance in the middle of the field…. which is cause danger to the team 80% ….. if he kearn this schoolboy error…. just clear the ball left or right…… the danger is less there…….

  8. I teach English at a university in Liverpool and I want to help football fans learn English football vocabulary… new topics on my channel every week.

  9. So sad we got of uefa just a quote hate to say we needed alison he is way better and more concentrated than adrian

  10. Hi , I am a sincere Liverpool fan since 2014. I am very disappointed by the performance of Adrian . Liverpool got out of the Champions League because of him maybe Liverpool should get a new keeper. I hope Alison gets well soon.
    Go Liverpool FC
    LFC forever!!!!

  11. 와 화질 진짜좋다
    이 화질로 보니깐 몰입감 장난아니네
    이정도 화질로 생중계보는날도 곧 오겠지

  12. You guys need to get rid of Adrian. He’s a really good keeper but he can’t perform when he is needed. Just look at this game and the Atlético game. He cost you us a chance to win another champions league.

  13. This game showed that tremendous gameplay from the Reds although it was a narrow game…but it also showed a lot of tactical changes to last season. Good one. When Ings came one everyone knew he will score…the way he did though… 😂

    Very happy that LFC is showing the games again. Thank you!!! YNWA from Germany!

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