San Francisco Homeless Man Shares About the Affordable Housing Crisis

San Francisco Homeless Man Shares About the Affordable Housing Crisis

100 thoughts on “San Francisco Homeless Man Shares About the Affordable Housing Crisis

  1. Woords of profound widom, from a person that has no buisness being optimistic. I would much rather talk to him by choice. Than deal with the ingrates I am forcest to.

  2. It used to be if you’re homeless than move to California cuz the weather! Now it’s like if you’re homeless than move out of California cuz the extortion! It’s sad man, but California is maybe overcome with extortion.

  3. This is bullshit, there shouldn't be any homeless Americans we all should have a home to go to at the end of the day

  4. If I was living there ,I take this poor man in.
    He should not be homeless,a’s wrong,wrong,wrong.

  5. But Nancy Pelosi and AOC can fund illegals at a drop of a hat. In the meantime, real Americans are left on the streets.

  6. bad things sometimes happen to good people. with all the wealth in the city it a disgrace someone doesn't offer him the opportunity to do daily gardening work for example …nothing strenuous, just lawn cutting, tidying borders, sweeping up leaves that kind of thing as a way to earn a little "wage" …or maybe collecting glasses/plates at a bar/restaurant.

  7. Hey, did you guys see Johnny depps new 20 million dollar house. It’s number 12 and really nice. Congrats on multiple multi million dollar homes Johnny, money well spent.

  8. This man, homeless with no possessions, believes in God. It's true that the less material objects you have, the closer to nature and God you are. God bless and keep him safe 💗🙏🤲

  9. Lol he has it all wrong you can’t even rent a parking space for $2000 a month if the hotels was $2000 a month in SF I’d be living in SF hotels can easily go up to over $500 a night in San Francisco

  10. There’s no accountability of spending or any oversight of where the money goes. They need to open the books and show us where all the money is going. Cause it’s not going to the roads or the infrastructure and definitely not helping the homeless

  11. Oh yeah, the big affordable housing crisis that everyone knows about. Stop using the homeless to push your big government leftist agenda. Your leftist agenda CREATED the homeless problem in San Francisco and other cities.

    All these homeless people should leave SF and go someplace that isn't the highest cost of living in the US.

  12. His problem is that he is not an illegal alien and he is in California. American citizens are ignored in every way by liberals. Time to move away dude.

  13. His eyes tell me that he's a sweet person, smart, not an addict.
    His soul is broken and his body is weak.
    In my country, men like him, his age will be taken into a shelter. Taken off the streets.
    It's a disgrace.

  14. San francisco is corupt. I know people that paid thousands in cash to a woman at the housing authority for keys to apartments. The same apartments people wait 5 plus years for. Corrupt liberal policy . is killing a once beautiful city.

  15. Gotta get a video of him playing guitar, might go viral if he has some talent and could lead to crowd funding.

  16. FOR CHRIST'S SAKE… THEN MOVE!!!!! Don't live in one of the most expensive real estate markets in the world if you only have an SSI check. Any blithering moron knows this! Try Florida, Arkansas, Mississippi, Georgia, etc. All are warm most of the year and you can rent a sleeping room for $400 (maybe less). But here's the truth. They are not sanctuary states that pay you for being a homeless drunk/drug addict. Matter of fact, they'll lock you dumb ass up for trashing their tidy little rural communities. That's why he's a professional victim/beggar/homeless person in San Francisco!

  17. What is going on in our country! This is horrible! I was homeless in 2013. It is a horrible situation.

  18. I was out there when the liberals were gonna build affordable apartments and take part of their checks the homeless started protesting

  19. Perfect example that Nancy Pelosi is nothing more then a liar and doesn't even care about American Citizens even in her own district.

  20. Think of the gazillions of dollars being poured into nuclear fusion reactors?

    A tiny fraction of it would house every homeless person on earth .

    I just hope everyday that these greedy landlords get extremely rare and aggressive cancers and die in pain.

  21. Back in the 1990s volunteered at a local rescue mission for nearly a year and I can tell you that many of the homeless don't want help. They would rather do their drugs and or alcohol and not abide the mission rules designed to help them get back on their feet. Even today in my city, many game the system, stay rugged up and abuse alcohol while they live under bridges and overpasses. The whole purpose of the mission is to help for people who seriously want ito change, to become normal, contributing citizens. 

    Do not be conned by theses bums who want to abuse drugs, and or alcohol while they sit on there asses and look pitiful on street corners with signs to get you to give then your hard-earned money! 99.99% are playing you! 

    P.S. At the end of the video the homelesss man became the victim. This is noting but pure propaganda. He doesn't need a home, he needs the tools and mentality to acquire a home. As Americans, it's not on us to feed, clothe, give healthcare and shelter to everybody in the world. And by the way, why isn't he complaining about the illegal aliens who are using up resources that could help him? Stupid is as stupid does! KAGA2020!!

  22. San Francisco has the highest rent in the WORLD 🌎 . Wtf? MOVE! That place is clearly for the rich.

  23. we are foolish to think the answer is the Gov. – 'the Gov. is the problem.
    it will both become worse and more apparent – society is dying

  24. What is wrong with this government..When there are going to have changes to help people like Mike. God bless him 😱😱

  25. Go to Greenville SC where a private gated apt community with swimming pool, clubhouse with full gym and big screen TV costs 860 a month! Sorry, I have ZERO sympathy for idiots who live in California. My friend pays 6000 a month for his mortgage in walnut Creek…. Absurd!!!!!! And hilarious and pathetic.

  26. Was mike born in SF or Kali for that matter. Why would he stay in SF and not find out where his check would go farther. Get out of the streets,a bath, food for a human being. I worked most of my adult life until just under 4 yrs ago. A hard life but a fair one. These people are pooping on the streets. In the good book there was a story that included a man to carry a stick to dig hole for his excrement. Many of man are fallen away . I hope many will find the way back. Key words "the way".

  27. This is so horrible. Trump where are the results of of the economy. The economy is not working for everyone. And stock market does not matter if u don't own stocks. America this is who we are. We let all these tech companies price working class people out. We treat our seniors like shit, we treat our veterans like shit. We basically don't give a fuck about no one unless you are rich or a celebrity. American is not winning!!! I voted for Trump and not happy about the way the country feels. Did I miss something ???

  28. Meanwhile, thousands of homes are for sale in Detroit for a mortgage of $200 a month or less. He is retired and Social Security would normally cover that.

  29. The streets aint never cool fam. I never understood people afraid of the shelter. Its safer than the streets. Damn, this is such a sharp brotha. There's other issues fam, gotta b. Behavioral health umbrella.


  31. He gave good advice, view people as individuals.
    Misfortune can be so humbling, may God bless him and sustain him in Jesus name, Amen.

  32. I can’t even watch this man in the face as he speaks. My heart hurts for him…. what CAN WE DO to help him?

  33. I hope he gets a home so much. I heard about bum bashing the other day and I don't want that to happen to old people.
    "Thou shalt rise up before the hoary head, and honour the face of the old man, and fear thy God: I am the LORD."

    Leviticus 19:32

  34. Stop feeling sorry for him you know damn well he spent it all on liquor and drugs that' why his family left him and nobody gives his shit about him

  35. The Government does not look after their own, but they are in the business of sticking their noses in other countries affairs.

  36. My advice get out of San Francisco it's been 8 years and there's been no help. Truthfully if you want to pray might as well take a leap of faith and look for some area out In the country to dwell in.

    Live on faith

  37. I bet if Elvis Presley was still alive he'd Help this man Elvis was a good a poor at heart humble good soul. Miss Elvis Presley I wish our president was like Elvis Presley.

  38. Very unacceptable and a tragedy. Something has to be done for all these people. RIGHT NOW! And for all those saying the gov. doesn't have to do anything, Yes hell they do. Sinking money into stupid b/s and not helping the homeless is a fkn' sin.

  39. What's even more messed up is that there is government employees who draw disability and work a full-time job,,,
    If you're disabled you are not able to work so how is it the government employees get to work a full-time job add get disability our government is corrupt,,,, and they're making over $100,000 a year,,,
    don't believe me look it up and do the research

  40. I just can't understand this phenomena. Was it drugs,alcohol, mental health and a complacent hopeful disposition that ultimately does people in or is actually deliberate by overpopulation and limited resources. Perhaps both and it all seems to stem from the collapse of family values in pursuit of wealth, materialism, hedonism and a gradual decline in human dignity in society as a whole. As a country since this problem is everywhere now.

  41. Dr Thomas Sowell explains why things are like this – affordable housing means that when rent restrictions are in place it means people will not build new homes as there is no profit it in it, when you combine rent restrictions and the red tape that local councils, state regulators etc. All these costs on complying to housing regulations, planning charges. Taxes out price people. If the cost to build a family home in Texas was $125,000 the exact same property built in Cali would be over 1 million. When you have too many people and not enough building of homes, then value increases. Overcrowded, over regulations, highest taxes, a recipe for ruin.

  42. Excuse my language but this pisses me off there is no fucking reason that homelessness should exist to this extent in the big bad USA its absolutely disgusting how the govt. Fucks off so much money on bs yet our people all (ethnicities) suffer. It's not that they need and hand out but a WAY out . we work all our lives paying into social security then when u need it they give u if you're lucky $7-800 bucks to survive on. Such a damn shame that even a crappy apartment could go for 2-5k a month even for a studio smh disgraceful . America shame on US

  43. Maybe MOVE. You live in the most expensive US city. Stfu this is BS crap. Live where its affordable.Live where low senior housing exists. MOVE. Get your $1000 check and GO to the midwest.Any city.Any State. Get out of the West Coast.Grow up. Be Adult. MOVE.LEAVE on the first.

  44. HE WANTS TO STAY. Leave him be. Hes useless.forget him.then he will die.fact.face it.they cant be helped.

  45. I was homeless from 2000 – 2002. It was horrific then, and I was in my 40's. I can't imagine what it would be like today. How – HOW can this country let this happen??!! I was making $250K annually at the time of my car accident. I was creamed by a drugged out judge's daughter, and she did not even get a ticket. I was left permanently disabled with a brain injury and multiple bodily injuries, and it totaled my car. Got nothing $.

  46. Too many people on an already over-crowed planet. When I see a pregnant woman I cringe at what the future will have to offer. Think it's bad today? Trying to grow food on a mass scale is polluting the soil and water to the point we are sterilizing the earth. Until humans recognize the importance of Nature we will just keep killing the things that matter the most. Agenda 21 is for real, and for a reason. Too many people. Birth control not murder.

  47. By the looks of him he is ill, I would not be surprised if he is not even 60 years old. It's more than clear that money given to comfort the homeless, is ending up in the wrong pockets! Bless you Mike, I have no answer for you, but if I lived nearer to you, I would give you a room and some money to live on. Come on people of San Francisco show this gentleman your good heart!

  48. We the people need to come together, divide and conquer is all they are doing to us. They take our money and tax us to death. So tired of it. I wish I had the money I would find this guy and help him. All Iam doing is treading water myself and I mean barely making it. Cost of living rises but wages don’t keep up.

  49. "Affordable Housing Crisis" is a hoax. It's an addiction and mental health problem. The individual who is homeless for economic reasons is an exception, not the rule. Prop 47 – CA lawmakers did this. Intentional, callous disregard.

  50. The City needs to act fast and provide safe rooms that cost less than half the average of Social Security Income monthly benefit. Nice guy, but smoking weed can make you addicted, lazy, and can eventually contribute to homelessness.

  51. The USA is an insane nation which isn't solving homelessness…as rents keep increasing…as the costs and time frame isn't doing any of us any good when people wait years to get into even a small apartment…and that's when I say FTW because it's all gotten so ridiculously complicated that it blows my mind. Nice fucking world owned by satanic banks and government ruled by greed and disaster scenarios.

  52. You’re more than welcome Mike. I would sit down and have a conversation with you any day! If I ever see you when I go to SF I’ll buy a you a meal. I swear!

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