State Sues Huntington Beach Over Low Income Housing

State Sues Huntington Beach Over Low Income Housing

18 thoughts on “State Sues Huntington Beach Over Low Income Housing

  1. Communist-California shouldn't wonder why so many of its people are fleeing, and moving to other local states like AZ and NV, when they do stuff like this.

  2. 😂 screw our local government….. i own a home in los angeles and LB; i'd NEVER rent out to a section 8 person UNLESS…. they were disabled and old. Ive heard and seen too many horror stories of drawn out court battles.

  3. It's all about the good to do people not wanting people who are on limited income to be in their town because anybody from California would know if you don't have lots of money they don't want YOU THERE…. very biased and discrimination towards people

  4. Gavin Newsom Is the absolute Socialist Tyrant. His communist ways are exactly why California and many other states like it are going under and Hard-working Americans are leaving. These laws are absolute trash and the people that back them are ignorant beyond belief. I have lived in the city of Huntington Beach for the past 10 years and it has become densely populated over the past years. It is being infiltrated buy a much larger number of transit and homeless as well. Crime rates are increasing and people here are sick and tired of dealing with Trash in our Community. Expose Tyrants for who they are and take them out of office, We Need To Take Our Country And Communities Back! Or the small town Beach City’s and Other nice quiet communities will be ran through by Tyrant Trash…
    Time to take our country back!💥🦅🇺🇸

  5. There is a reason I only work in Los Angels and Live in Huntington Beach…
    To get away from the Tyrant Politicians like Gavin Newsom and the Trash they bring into hard working American Communities…

  6. Ca. state retaliates over Hunnington Beach sueing
    the State of Ca. because
    Hunnington Beach does NOT want to be a Sanctuary
    City. Hunnington Beach does not want to protect illegal aliens… as Ca. does.
    Dems want to give low income housing to illegals
    ..meanwhile streets are full of homeless US citizens. F the State of Ca. If you don't
    have affordable housing for people in CA. please tell me why you want more homeless.👎👎 Go figure😣😣

  7. I'd love to live in an OC coastal town. But I don't demand that someone accommodatey lifestyle. If HB is too expensive for working class people to live there, then create jobs that pay enough for people to live in that city. Or, let the wealthy build/fix their own infrastructure, teach their own children, mow their own lawns, and patrol their own streets…

  8. tyranny noun
    tyr·​an·​ny | ˈtir-ə-nē
    plural tyrannies
    Definition of tyranny
    1 : oppressive power
    every form of tyranny over the mind of man
    — Thomas Jefferson
    especially : oppressive power exerted by government
    the tyranny of a police state
    2a : a government in which absolute power is vested in a single ruler
    especially : one characteristic of an ancient Greek city-state
    b : the office, authority, and administration of a tyrant
    3 : a rigorous condition imposed by some outside agency or force
    living under the tyranny of the clock
    — Dixon Wecter

  9. Huntington Beach decided to sue California over sanctuary laws pertaining to their city. Well, this is one of the ramifications you have on any issue when you're a city that fights a state, with a whole lot of power mind you. This is just the beginning, they're in for more surprises. Sorry repubs, get out of California, nobody wants you here. Lol, there's more independents for crying out loud HAHAHA.

  10. Hi Michelle agile can you tell me about 'Hummingbirds crossing in Huntington Beach can I get addresses. Thanks

  11. building more low income here too Newark,ca and union city and Hayward all the California need help out nobody can effort a apartment everybody now killer pay rent cost living cost to much for everybody out there need help what going in California soon sleeping in the car rent van make a home we save money living van and trailer all the you tube ….

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