Subject To – What Should Creative Real Estate Investors Tell Sellers When Buying Sub 2 Property?

Subject To – What Should Creative Real Estate Investors Tell Sellers When Buying Sub 2 Property?

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here is the next question from our listener paul is saying what is it that
we say we use private funds or we don’t need banks because your loan is already in place okay this is a a good question here and
we want to clarify certain things if you’re talking in respect to your
marketing then your message will say we use private
funds and we can close quickly you’re talking with someone on the phone
we use private funds and we can close quickly when you get down to the negotiation and
if you talking about the long staying in the
name and that then at that point obviously you know then use the script that I
give you and one of the scripts is you know when you agree on everything
you go through the process is subject to which is as you…very strategic right it’s very
very strategic we go through the process there when you get to the point of that
you basically tell them and the reason we can pay you such a high
price and close quickly is because we use your existing loan so
we don’t have to talk to banks we don’t have to go to the banks or talk to
any banks and wait for that approval we can do this and get you back to
Florida whatever the motivation is stop foreclosure buy this house before the
foreclosure and before the you know late payments hit your credit we can do all
that because we can use existing financing so you see there are two different things
in in your recorded message you know in your advertising it’s okay
to say why can you close quickly how can close quickly you not gonna tell them oh we’re going to use
your loan you know say that on the phone to someone you don’t know you know you never met you didn’t
go through the p.e.n. process you can’t say that so the people on the
phone you say well you know we have different ways of doing it we use private funds also so we can close
very quickly so and then start talking about their
house right so that’s that’s the key so make sure you distinguish those two
right make sure because you’re not going to talk about private
funds the only time you talk about private funds is if you’re buying all-cash but if you’re
buying it but taking over the existing loan then there’s no point in mentioning
that in the process other negotiation or
p.e.n. process right Mike yeah absolutely and the p.e.n. process is the presentation education and
negotiation right absolutely they know that they know that they should if they’re watching the modules right absolutely speaking of modules paul was saying I think I can speak for everyone here when I say we love your implementation
modules and we will watch over and over again and again hey that’s exciting you know thanks Paul I uh I’m uh I put a lot of work into it and I know
that you guys like them and you appreciate them and that makes me going and it
makes me actually I’m more excited about doing it because
I know that you guys the you know that that you find it useful you know
obviously that’s that’s why put the effort in so keep using it guys there is so much
opportunity out there you know you just you just gotta get it
going right yup absolutely bruce is saying don’t put the modules on
fox news he says just kidding I’m already starting to sound like marko people are giving me funny looks
(laughs) be careful hey marko you get funny looks i don’t know man i probably get on the phone when
they don’t see me (laughs) for free real estate investment training
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5 thoughts on “Subject To – What Should Creative Real Estate Investors Tell Sellers When Buying Sub 2 Property?

  1. Marco, what if financial institutions become more aware of this practice and decide to look for subject to existing finance sales by periodically running title/deed searches and evoking the "due on sale" clause?

  2. Marko, thank you for sharing your amazing knowledge in creative real estate. You have just changed the trajectory of my life and therefore it trickles onto the rest of our family creating a wonderful legacy for generations to come. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU

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