I like to welcome you here Yahweh’s Restoration Ministry i’m here today in our library beautiful library as you can see today I want to talk a little bit about the our recent pilgrimage the Land of Israel the Holy Land a really remarkable place we saw about 30 sites Let me just share with you some of the locations we saw just real quick i’m not going to go through each one of these and i can describe each one of these but really phenomenal locations number one was Caesarea Maritima this sits halfway between a Tel Aviv and Haifa beautiful place right near the Mediterranean Sea we also saw a place called Megiddo Tel Megiddo you probably recognize this is as Armageddon this where all the armies of the earth will gather to before they will attack Jerusalem. Mount Carmel beautiful beautiful location someone on the trip said it actually looks like a Colorado just I was really amazed at the terrain and just how pretty it was but as we know this is where Eliyah defeated the prophets of Baal we also saw Capernaum which by the way they corrected me they they told me that the correct pronunciation is Capernaum Caper means village and naum is the person it’s named after by the way it’s not the Prophet Nahum also some of the other locations one of the things we did which was really amazing is we went on a boat ride on the Sea of Galilee the guy that was on the the captain i guess it was a messianic believer and he actually got up and sang both in English and Hebrew and that was really memorable to watch that Tel Dan I want to come back to Tel Dan because I want to talk about a lesson there in Tel Dan but Tel Dan sits right along the syrian-lebanese border and a really an amazing sight Caesarea Philippi this is where Peter first acknowledged that Yahshua was the Messiah that we also saw Hazor this goes back to the time of Joshua and actually we see ruins there that would have been the result of Israel during that time under joshua we also went down to the south we saw Qumran and the Dead Sea Gomorrah and Gomorrah was really phenomenal because we actually see the result of when we turn away from our father’s word you know we know the story you know they committed in immorality and there sin came to and Yahweh said enough and removed that city from all of history and we still see there’s just ash today really is amazing we also saw Masada now after Masada after the south we went up to Jerusalem and of course we saw many many sites in Jerusalem here’s just a few we saw the garden tomb many Protestants believe that this is where Yahshua was a was a buried it and also resurrected I don’t know there’s really archaeological proof to support that but it is a really pretty sight of course the Mount of Olives is a very prophetic sight a very important site we know that Yahshua is going to come back to the Mount of Olives and something you know as believers a very very important when you’re there is just remarkable when you’re standing on top of that mountain you can see the city of Jerusalem and also know that this is again where Yahshua was going to come scripture talks about how the entire valley will split and in fact they actually found a fault line there really is amazing what whether the science is always proven what we find scripturally also saw the garden gets em anyhow the house of Caiaphas in the house of Caiaphas if you ever go it really is an amazing sight because you can actually see the room where they would have kept Joshua and actually even where they would have a punished punished and whipped Yahshua at his house but we saw many other locations in the end in the city of jerusalem i’m going to go through all of them but i do want to go back and talk a little bit about tell Dan you know television is one of my favorite sites in the Land of Israel is a beautiful site number one but number two this really the scriptural lesson we find their tel dan we know until then this is where a juror bond with the golden calf and I caused Israel to a sin and turn against Yahweh and it’s amazing to because yeah we told your bone in the beginning of this look is if you follow me you’re going to be blast and we know in the end the Jeroboam did not follow him in the end of Jeroboam to save his own neck decided to change and compromise always worship he did that in a few ways number one he appointed or number one he made a feast in his own time instead of the feast of tabernacles in the seventh month 15th day appointed a feast in the eighth month that’s us that’s not something we should be doing as believers we cannot dictate when we worship Yahweh that’s something a lesson just in itself also we know that he committed adultery by the putting up the golden calf and he also says he established the the priests from the lowest of the people and that’s something we’re not to do either because scripture says that that a bishop or an elder must be above reproach and that wasn’t the case so again he he really did some very awful things and because of that we know that the history of Israel just did not interval everybody after Jeroboam every other king following jerboa assisted evil in your sight so he said a real pour pattern that is remember recovered from but again going back to what this man did he set up this golden half and he told his role on don’t go down to Jerusalem don’t bother going down there you know worship here and he replaced Yahweh with these golden caps and you know I think this is a really good site for this time of year because what we see is this is a holiday know it’s Christmas and this can actually goes back to a son were shut out this goes back to Rome and actually been further back because we know goes back to set a Saturnalia this worship of Saturn this was a 70 observance during the time of Rome that actually give gifts and do other things that we continue to see today during the Christmas time and we also know that it comes from a time were observance of from with prism myth version worshipped Mithras and myth was worshipped of predominantly by by men and really the military very popular and that goes all the way back by the way to ancient Persia and then you have something called Sol Invictus open and conquered sign and this was another observance of Rome that was observed in December 25th and it was dedicated to the Sun and you know what’s amazing is that you know many people noticed and they just don’t care they think you know we can metal metal and change i was worshipping and do what we want and that’s not the case you know a guy with says look this is this is how you are to worship me he’s given us feast days of course he’s also pointed the Sabbath is is a day of rest of the day that were to come together worship and fellowship and you know if we adopt pagan worship were working violation of his word and again I think that’s a great great example of what we find tell Dan because there until then that’s precisely what jawbone did and we know that it did not end well for Jeroboam did not involve for portrait a for Israel and it will not end well for those of us who goes against our father’s word and other there so that there’s a great lesson there from Jeroboam and from this location known as television and I would encourage you to to really you know think about what you’re doing when it comes to worshiping your father and having to make sure that you’re worshipping Him is as we find within his word because nothing is more with us and nothing nothing nothing is more important than worshiping outweigh as he defined within his word and again we see a really an abomination this time of year and that is again Christmas and am I going to repeat myself but but this goes back to Peng room and you know Jeremiah Jeremiah chapter 10 verses two through five it talks about true worship now this is not do the Christmas tree but nonetheless of the you know the Christmas tree is free worship and they’re in Jeremiah chapter 10 verse 2 Galveston’s they’re working on the way the heathen so that’s a lesson for us as we’re not to learn the way of the heat in other words were not to learn how other nations and other religions worship their duties of the remaining ones were to worship Yahweh is he defines within this word when we don’t again were in violation of his word and we’re going to be judged for that so you know the lesson here again from the land of israel one of the great lessons and by the way there are so many great lessons from the land of israel is the amazing thing about Israel as is no matter where you go no matter no matter what site you visit there’s always a scripture lesson to be found in and you can find lessons going all the way back to Joshua and you can certainly find that many many lessons in New Testament Yahshua the Apostles and what they taught but here again until then we we have this is a site that we can actually see the altar you can see the platform where they’ll put what where they were going to put the golden half and you can see where they would worship it really is an abomination before closing I and hopefully get some footage of this on the screen for you but one thing that I really found phenom I did not seem 2014 at the side of Tel Dan was called Abraham’s gate and this goes back to the time of Abraham which is really unthinkable if you think if you consider that but suppose you know many people believe that Abraham willpark through this gate when lot was not captured so we know that the bible does mention that that he was in the area of Callahan so just a remarkable remarkable sight as is so many sites are in his room would like to thank you for joining me today I pray this is it’s been good for you has been a blessing to you and again I would just encourage everyone watching this to really study to to ensure that what you’re doing is honoring out will be so many people today you know they think the runner in yahoo they think that they’re doing it they’re there you know God was very little but what we see is they’re doing it man’s way and we should never do it means what yahweh doesn’t want to worship us to worship him according to man’s way ways he wants to worship us to worship him according to his ways so I would encourage you to really keep keep that in mind and make sure that you’re worshipping Yahweh as he defines and again when it comes to things like Christmas and Easter halloween and and even sunday worship that we just avoid those like the plague and then we worship You Lucy defined within this word until next time may god bless you

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