The Truth About Galaxy’s Edge! Is Star Wars Land a Failure or Success?

Is Star Wars Galaxies edge of failure Today we’re gonna be checking out the Disneyland Resort in Walt Disney World resorts Galaxy’s edge Star Wars or lands and we’re gonna try to figure out if they’re a failure or not first starting off at the Disneyland Resort Star Wars Galaxies edge opened in May over in California and everyone was really really excited about it They had it managed very very well for opening day you had to reserve a Section you had four hour time frame to experience the land and then you had to get out it went well it seemed like a pretty good land and then a little while later we had some questions about the success of Star Wars land in Disneyland Personally, I see why they put Star Wars land in Disneyland and not in California Adventure But I do feel like putting Star Wars in Walt Disney’s original Park was a mistake Putting such a big IP land like right by the castle like that. I thought was kind of weird Again, I totally get why they did it and it makes sense why they did it but I feel like that may have also led to The possible failure of this land. It’s so different than what Walt Disney had for that Park I feel like that Park should have been kept the way it was but continue to get updates Maybe some new attractions, but adding this whole new different land to this area to this park specifically I feel like kind of maybe angered some guests or just gave it a weird vibe Cuz Disneyland is not as updated as galaxy’s edge is or has as much technology as that land does So we’re going to check the wait times for smugglers run right now On September 11th 2019 Smugglers runs a 30-minute wait. So for the many good things about that attraction I’ve also heard many bad things about those smugglers run attraction and personally I cannot give my opinion because I’ve not experienced this land yet but a 30-minute wait for as new as a ride as this one to have a 30-minute wait is Weird to me the lines that for example Pandora and animal kingdom was getting even now or in the hundreds Most days but this to be thirty minutes Has me kind of concerned now the land is themed very very well I understand some of the lines most the time are longer just to get into The cantina into the Droid Depot than it is to actually ride the main attraction which I feel like may be a shock to some people but the theming in those areas is Incredible and that’s honestly probably where I would be as well now something to do with this also Maybe is because over the summer a lot of annual pass holder dates have been blocked out So a lot of their main guests flow was not able to come to the park So I feel like that also could have affected that whole problem. But within the past two weeks they’ve lifted Majority of the black updates for all of their levels and manual pass holders, but the weights still 30 minutes So overall, what do I think about? Disneyland’s version of Star Wars land, I think it is a really really cool and they will beginning another attraction I’m very interested to see how that does. But do I think it was successful in Disneyland? No Disneyland Star Wars Galaxies edge is a failure in my opinion Whenever I travel to Disneyland it definitely felt more Like that’s what I would do one weekend a couple weekends throughout the summer like it and I’d a very different vibe than Disney World Did Disney World is a very heavy tourist destination, and I’m not saying that Disneyland isn’t But the crowds that they get are mainly locals and after the locals do it once it sits there But you even look at radius Radiator Springs racers has a bigger wait time than Smuggler’s run and that rides been open for a few years But this also could have led to Disney ruining the Star Wars franchise there’s a lot of things that go into play here and I really want to hear your opinions down below what you guys think if You guys have heard anything else if you’ve experienced anything that galaxy’s edges that makes you think that it is not a failure Let me know down below in the comments. I’d love to read them again this is just my opinion from research and observations through other people that have been and things that I’ve read online and Checking wait times like daily I just don’t think it’s working out over there in Disneyland now checking You know at Walt Disney World their galaxy’s edge opened at the end of August in the Hollywood Studios park I feel like Star Wars land fit for sure and Hollywood Studios way better than in Disneyland I could not imagine Star Wars land being in the Magic Kingdom. I just it doesn’t make sense to me So I need more starbursts at that Park was really no big deal Opening morning over there was absolutely insane So Disney ended up letting guests into the park and into the land area around 5:45 in the morning The day of opening Disney did expect a lot of guests to show up for this opening and they sure did Just a few minutes after opening They had smugglers run posted on a 300 minute wait And at one point during the day the line got backed all the way up to the Chinese Theater so if you’ve been to Hollywood Studios You guys know there’s a decent walk around the corner there at a Grand Avenue with the expectation of many many guests coming Disney had to break the theming a little bit they added some umbrellas for shade as It does get super hot in Florida and they also added a bunch of more tables and chairs, which was really weird So I feel like that kind of brought the theming a little bit which was also Disappointing now Disney did use virtual cue through the my Disney experience where you could kind of book a time and go back Which then lowered the wait times for that day, but pandora was still at a 60-minute wait around 5:00 p.m. That day Smugglers Run was down to 150 minute. Wait where it’s at the rest of the day. Just two days later The ride was sitting in a 95 minute wait and currently today It is a 35 minute wait, so same thing applies to Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The land is deemed very very well people are waiting for many other things like to build a droid build a lightsaber check out the cantina and Check out the whole marketplace area as long as getting some food. So still wait times being low flight of passage still being a longer wait Currently and this is a new attraction It’s still really really surprising and I feel like with Disney having some issues with recent Star Wars movies I feel like Disney mess up the Star Wars franchise Which could have an effect on the land or they’re just not being very many Star Wars fans right now Like wanting to read that attract many people may think well, I don’t like Star Wars so I don’t wanna ride that I don’t really know what the thought process is Now hurricane Dorian was just in that whole area and it wasn’t that area at the time of opening It was expected to go near Disney and it never really hit Disney But there they did get like some tropical storms around that time. So that could have also lowered weights but today There’s nothing there that could be affecting the wait times right now So I’m just I’m really really surprised of the wait times that I mentioned to see what happens when this other attraction opens I think that this other attraction will do better if not is better than Smuggler’s runs So I’m interested to see what the wait times are like for that and those will be opening later this year But overall looking at Hollywood studios, I feel like that the galaxy’s in Hollywood Studios was a bigger success than the one in Disneyland I feel like it fit the park better More people are going to visit Star Wars Galaxies Achin Disney World ban in Disneyland, just by people coming and visiting I feel like more people would come to Disney World then go to Disneyland for galaxy’s edge Future Haley here popping in for just a minute there’s a few other things that I wanted to make sure I stated in my reasoning to why galaxy’s edge is a failure So people are going to Disneyland just to go to Disneyland But people are going to Hollywood studios in Florida for specifically Star Wars Therefore meaning that there’s a higher demand for Star Wars in Florida than there is for Disneyland People aren’t going to Disneyland being like I just want to go see Star Wars People are going to Hollywood studios just because Star Wars is there. There’s really not much else in that park so why also people really go also one other thing that could also be dropping crowds and galaxy’s edge is Because of the lightsaber building experience and the Droid Depot like build your own droid experience. Those are really expensive To do those once-in-a-lifetime things Majority of people will not do them or will do them one time in a lifetime like one It’s a one-time thing that you do and they’re expensive. So not a lot of people are gonna want to go do those things So that kind of also leads to an issue and also the whole marketplace area full of shop and everything That’s not like the normal stores that you’ll find in Disney parks where they constantly update merchandise in bet to they could not Constantly do that and it’s not like they can add new merchandise Like it just doesn’t really fit the theming it’s not like they could do Holiday merchandise or any specialty merchandise like they could do all of the other shops So once guests see them once like Annual Pass holders that they don’t really need to go in again back to the video But please let me know your thoughts your opinions your ideas down below in conclusion I think the Disneyland galaxy’s inch is a failure in disney world’s galaxy’s inches is a success, but it’ll be really good Shouldn’t you see how the lands do after the rise of Skywalker movie if maybe add some things to them? maybe that will help blend out if they can fix the mess of the last gen I mean We’ll just have to wait and find out make sure you guys subscribe to my channel Check out more Star Wars videos all down below If you guys like to hear more Disney news Make sure to check out all of my t23 videos all like down below Make sure to follow me on Instagram and Twitter as I do share the newest and Disney announcements and information Also, make sure to check out my Disney cupcake merchandise. I have many sales coming up So make sure to go check that out. Everything is linked down below I hope you guys have a wonderful day and remember to do what you love and do it makes you happy and I’ll see you Guys next time bye

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