The Truth About the Toyota Land Cruiser

Rev up your engines! Dao says, what do you think about Land Cruisers,
ok Land Cruisers are well made, Toyota makes them, now the Land Rovers are rolling piles
of junk, the English stuff, but the Land Cruisers are really excellent made vehicles and can
last a long time, but realize, they are gas hogs,
those things get terrible gas mileage because their huge and they weigh a lot,
I mean the newer ones are better than the older ones, I had customers with the old ones
when they were big straight 6 cylinders with giant pistons and standard transmissions and
they got like 7 miles a gallon in town with the AC on,
but they can last a really long time, Atom bomb says, Scotty my 1999 Buick Century
misfires only between 35 and 45 miles an hour, I checked plugs, cylinder 3 the plug was worn
badly, replaced that and it still happens, what now,
ok if you find that it’s only misfiring at that speed, what you want to do if have a
mechanic do what’s called a wet and dry compression test of your engine,
because it could be that the number 3 cylinder is just flat wearing out,
if that plug is worn badly and the other aren’t, it generally means you have a problem in the
number 3 cylinder, and if a mechanic says yes you know you’re wet and dry compression
ratio shows you got a serious worn part inside your number 3 cylinder and that’s a 1999 Buick,
you might either live with it or get another car,
because to rebuild the engine is going to cost you thousands of dollars to do it right
so you know, Hanson says, big fan Scotty, you recommended
an automatic transmission over CVT but the Corolla uses CVT thanks,
well for a while you could have a choice, you could get a regular or CVT and I’d say
get the regular, but my son bought one with a CVT that was a year old and he loves it,
he says it gets better gas mileage than it was even rated for so, you know I’m not a
big fan of how CVT’s drive and I personally like a standard anyways,
but Toyota makes pretty good stuff, that said, do not buy a Subaru CVT, do not buy a Nissan
CVT because you’re going to have problems, they have lots of problems with those,
Dexbolt says, Scotty do you think it’s a bad idea to put a turbo into a 2000 Honda Civic
with more than 220,000 miles, well it is if you don’t want to rebuild the engine,
realize Honda makes very good engines, they were originally a motorcycle company so their
engines are top notch, their automatic transmissions no, and their CVT transmission no,
but their engines are really strong engines, but that said, their made for what size they
have and what power, so you take a small Civic engine that’s got
220,000 miles on it and you put a turbo on it, you’ll probably end up blowing the engine,
that said if you want to rebuild the engine or put a later model engine in it and turbo
go right ahead, their strong engines, but with that kind of mileage your kind of
pushing your luck adding a turbocharger now, so if you never want to miss another one of
my new car repair videos, remember to ring that bell!

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