Top 10 Things You Should Know Before You Move to Hawaii

Top 10 Things You Should Know Before You Move to Hawaii

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  1. Thats what y’all think! After so many years its get soo boring in this small island! You’ll see ol same ol places! I want white Christmas once in a while!

  2. My son is stationed in PH in the Navy. Just spent a week there visiting him. I did NOT WANT TO LEAVE.

    I enjoyed the weather, the food…..the traffic, not so much

  3. Great video but ok, to be balanced and frankly honest, we must point out and mention the obvious and not-so-obvious sides of moving to or living in the 50th State, where many do refer as “paradise:”

    Besides the astronomical cost of living compared to the mainland, Hawaii is actually a very left-leaning, welfare, entitlement, union-influenced, indoctrinated, over-taxed, over-regulated, VERY business-unfriendly, dismal centralized public educational system, “one-Party” deep-blue State. We Patriots and Conservatives are a definite minority!

    The majority voters and current politicians don’t even consider an interisland ferry system as feasible or one would be in service by now!!! Go figure the politics!! Many online mainland vendors don’t even consider service HI (and AK) or we pay dearly for postage or freight. To be fair, many others do offer free shipment.

    Rural communities (especially in the poorest Hawaii County on the Big Island) contain awful dirt and rocky roads, don’t have county water or garbage pickup service, tend to be on the regressive side of progress, and tend to protest or oppose change, even if for the good of the majority, i.e., turnabouts. Doctors, medical specialists and prompt emergency service for these areas are a very huge concern, and even a culture shock for newbies or the elderly who retire from elsewhere to those neck of the woods!

  4. I moved here 25 years ago not knowing the true history of the way our Hawaiian brothers and sisters were mistreated! man I didn't know it or never would have moved here. Back in Michigan they taught us in school that we were the saviors of Hawaii. haha bs!

  5. Well I just gotta say half of what that guy just is bullshit and the other half true.
    I mean yes Hawaii does have a better sense of living with the air and water, his not wrong about that. But I definitely am not a fan of no white Christmas or season holidays.
    And the heat ya just lost me, I’m happy i went to Hawaii and had the chance to go be a part of it. But I wouldn’t want to live there.

  6. I lived there for 4yrs…. You forgot to mention the bug issues…. centipedes🤯🤯🤯 being the worst nightmare ever…. other than ,that great job..

  7. You forgot to mention the complete lack of opurtunity or upward mobility for young people. I've never thought about suicide more then when I lived in Hawaii attempting to make a living.

  8. Best advice build a wall to keep out customs and the people of the island and open your mouth and be loud and it helps to be white to stand out

  9. There is no aloha for white males in the workplace in Hawaii. So be prepared for the discrimination.

  10. I lived on Kauai for 2 years and I have family that have lived there since the 80's, everything you said here is 100% accurate.

  11. You hit the nail on the head with the old friends fading away and friends and family secretly hating us for living here! Glad some one else knows the same. Some that are actually angry like you cheated them out of life or owe them something!!! 100%

  12. Exactly as i thought. But, im not American. And Canada doesnt own anything remotely tropical. Any beautiful single American men in Hawaii looking to share the wealth

  13. I live on the big island this ad if you will is fall allies it is very expensive there's only two classes here the stinking rich and the poor the rich of come to the small towns and Destroy them with their Greed for money and Prejudice them against the poor

  14. I seen the rich come and displaced families who have had attachments to this land and communities 456 Generations they do nothing but destroy everything in their path they treat people less than subhuman

  15. Hawaii feels like home. A small part of my brain worries about health insurance and schooling for my kid, we live in Canada now. I know in my heart I will be happier and healthier on the islands.

  16. Oohh ooohh oohhh.. Yes I know. Let me guess. The huge homeless problem In Waikiki near ala moana.

  17. #10 Haha I lived in Hilo for 6 years and wanted to leave since my 2nd year. Explored most of the big island even the secret "locals" spots but just wasnt for me. Only stayed because I was already in student loan debt and figured I'd just finish college there and work until I saved up to leave

  18. Hot? You don't know hot unless you live in Arizona's Sonoran Desert. Over 100 degrees about 6-8 months per year. And don't let anyone tell you "it's a dry heat.". 110 degrees he'll heat. We don't have seasons either. But you, my friend, have the Pacific Ocean, fresh papayas, and Hawaiian time.

  19. I have often thought about this! Thanks for the info! What about animals? …like we have two dogs can we bring them with us?

  20. Aloha! I liked your video and well done on sharing the top 10 things to know before moving there. Anyway, long story short, I had many visits in Hawaii for vacation, or just visiting family and friends. My husband and I will be planning on growing our business in Honolulu, and I definitely want to have my very own gym. Because you are in the real estate business, we would like to be more acquainted with you since we plan on buying a condo to start. Please send me a message at your earliest convenience. Mahalo!

  21. "Everyone here is a minority ".
    A politically correct lie.
    The vast number of Islanders are Asian(Japanese, Chinese).
    They have the power , the money and the influence.
    And they will let you know it.
    Unlike the white or Hawaiian or hapa-haole, the Asians have absolutely no concept of fair-play, community outreach or brotherhood.

  22. Every time I got to maui I just fall more and more in love with it and I've decided to move there in the near future

  23. I've lived here 10 years and I can say that good relations with locals will be in direct proportion to how much familiarity they've had with haole outside the local context. If they've never been off-island (and there are a lot who haven't), they may treat you like a pariah. Of course if you're a jerk, you'll deserve it. If they have a haole family member, been in the service, been to the mainland a lot…etc. the difference is night and day. They realize that people are people and that haoles aren't all a bunch of money grubbing, loud, obnoxious a-holes. You can tell the difference almost immediately. Considering history, I guess you can't blame them for having that stereotype.

  24. Another thing: there's a lot of self-segregation here. Locals stick with locals, haoles with haoles, transplants with transplants, etc. So try to make contact with people outside your group. A lot of people never even try. I know people who have been here for decades, and they basically know nobody outside their own comfort zone group. Sad.

  25. Hi Eric. My wife and I visit Maui often and we love it there, especially Lahaina and spots in Kihei. I have what’s probably a silly question. We like to watch videos of the wealthier homes in Hawaii and dream. But I noticed that all of them have living areas that are open to the outside. Sometimes even the bedrooms. How do they keep bugs out? By the way, I’m asking you because we love your videos.

  26. One of my duty stations was Hawaii (Oahu). Spent about 3 years there. About the locals, I never had an issue. If you’re called a Haole, just embrace it and laugh. Accept that it’s not your island, it’s theirs. Do that and you’ll earn respect as a laid back person. Learn to surf if you’re able, it’s a great way to make friends while waiting for your turn in the set.

    Price: Yes, things are more expensive. Unless you’re a club hopper, most entertainment is free. If you have a military ID (Active/Retired) you can save a ton on groceries and gas by shopping on post/base. There are cheaper places to rent (get away from Waikiki).

    Eating out: It’s expensive in tourist areas, like Waikiki. Go out toward mililani or Waianae for cheaper restaurants. I knew a place that had the best katsu for like 5-6 bucks!

    The video poster mentioned it’s hot. It’s not that bad. The air moves well in the middle of the Ocean. You get used to the weather. I’ve worn jeans and a collared shirt comfortably on evenings out. I didn’t have AC in either of my houses. Just open windows to cool down, close them to warm up. I should mention I wasn’t in a beach house. I lived a year in Mililani, and the rest at Schofield Barracks Army Post (so middle of Oahu more or less).

    Have an income or a job lined up!!! Do NOT go there thinking you’ll live on savings for a month or two while you figure it out. There’s tons of homeless who thought the same thing, now they sleep in bathrooms on the beach!!! Have a solid plan.

    The most important thing. Visit first. Not for a day or two. Make at least 2 week long trips. Island life sounds nice, but it’s not for everyone. I liked water activities, surfing, and partying so it was easy for me to spend 3 years on an island and never get bored. Some people get island fever fast! Heck, some locals just want off the island. If you don’t like water and drinking, there isn’t a whole lot to do. You need to visit for extended periods to make sure it’s actually appealing. People always think they’ll just love watching sunsets everyday, but that won’t sustain you as a lifestyle.

  27. I think the one about being forgotten sounds nice… Not really into fallowing the crowds, keeping up with the Jones’s … Life is meant to be happy, not to be big corporations slave. Love the video, maybe it’s time to move..

  28. Very cool video,thanks,hopefully one day I'll be ready to move to that paradise,I visited for 5 days and I totally feel in love,aloha.

  29. Thank You you've shared everything to the T. And i like You ALOHA and GOD BLESS You Neighbor, Chrissy Honolulu Hawai'i⚘

  30. NOT Cheaper than New York?
    I paid $8 – $9 for every quart of Tropicana O.J. I bought there.

    There IS a majority?
    So many Japanese people there they should rename the place JAPAN ANNEX!


    You will NOT WANT TO LEAVE…


    If I EVER get my hands on a sum of 'Life changing money', you can bet your bottom dollar 'I'LL BE BACK' … TO STAY!!!

  31. Personally….you can get everything Hawaii gives you but for half the price in my beloved country of PANAMA🇵🇦🇵🇦🇵🇦 Because I was born in the Canal Zone back in the sixties I have duel citizenship, American/Panamanian. Everyone speaks primarily Spanish and English. Beaches and islands are GORGEOUS!! Cost of living is way cheaper than the states. The big drawback of course is unless you were born in the Canal Zone back in the day , you would have to forfeit your American citizenship to purchase property there! However, it has become one of the greatest kept secrets for retirees from all over the world.

  32. OMG… it's so beautiful there. I went for my birthday about 9 years ago. We stayed 8 days. I didn't want to leave. I live in Florida, so it wasn't like I was coming home to an awful place. I had every intention on moving back there, but life happened and that didn't work out, but my whole heart and soul wants to be there. I'm praying that one day God will allow it to be so.

  33. Hot, haha I was born in Texas and live in Florida. Maybe people from the northern Mainland would think it was hot but it was a relief to me! I loved living in nahiku for the short time I was there with Portuguese people that I already knew and was immediately accepted into the Hawaiian fold. I only came back to the mainland because my mother was ill and I had to see that she was taken care of. It was very difficult for me to adjust to coming back and I have always felt like Maui is my true home on this Earth.

  34. Spent a couple of days there last december. Horrible commuter traffic, lots of minimalist living, in other words they are camped everywhere. You either join them or be fortunate enough to live in a secure community. Too many vehicles, bad roads. Lots of weird off center folks on the streets. Yeah its nice, its tropical. Maui was far better though a bit boring.

  35. How’s the radiation levels from the Fukushima power plant leaking threw out the South Pacific and killing the Pacific Ocean and infecting the fish ??

  36. I remember when used to drive on Oahu the drivers must not like using the turn signals in their cars. Must be a law against using them.

  37. I have lived in Kauai now for 6 years and do not know anyone that has or Needs AC! Sure there are some hot days ( But not at night) and there are Ceiling Fans

  38. The best water to drink? Everyone I know here only drinks bottled water which is osmosis or distilled water – no one drinks the tap!

  39. Most people ( With children) I know in Kauai have moved back since the school system here is terrible like 48 worst on the list!

  40. rules of Hawaii is be respectful be humble don't be nosey mind your own business AND mainly dont try fight local ppl cuz most likely they would beat your ass fighting is part of the HAWAIIAN culture here

  41. everything you said was absolutely true- I lived out there for almost two years on the Big Island- from Fall of 2005 to Spring of 2007, and the first things I noticed when I got off the plane were
    1- the heat hitting me in the face so hard, because of the humidity intensifying the heat
    2- the smell of the plumeria blossoms overpowering me- it's the most heavenly scent on the planet- I miss it so much- I lived on the BI with my ex-husband- I was training as his finish carpentry apprentice, but the relationship went south- I came back home to the mainland here in Utah, and the first thing I noticed when I got back, was within a week how dry my hair and skin felt, because the humidity change was so profound- but I could not go back because of the relationship ending, and lack of funds

    I didn't want to leave- it absolutely is Paradise, and you really don't want to leave, once you've experienced it: ALOHA!!!

  42. I moved here 12 years ago. I agree with all your points. It took me two years on the mainland to physically and psychologically prepare for the major move to Hawaii. But once I did, I love it here. The most important point of all is to adjust to the harmony of Hawaii and its people.

  43. I went to college in Oahu. I've been living in the Bay area. I've been itching to come back. I'm so tired and restless here in the big city. I'm coming home!

  44. I visited when I was on leave and was barely able to make the cost of the trip for my family and I. I enjoyed everything, all the people and even didn't mind the sneers and poor treatment from some of the locals. Such a great place.

  45. We came to Maui a year and a half ago for an job interview the end of the month we are moving to Maui forever!!!!

  46. I've been here since 2012 on Maui, many thieves. People you wouldn't imagine, so called "wealthy people." Trust no one.

  47. Lol what a welcome we’re not native Californians we moved here a year ago and it’s a year too long no egos we just want to enjoy our lives and not bother anyone hope you all live your best life we’re planning too

  48. Hawaii can be expensive, but I came here in 1980 with $10 and a one way ticket, and lived over 4 1/2 years without touching or using any money at all.

    I feel so sorry for all the Hawaiians who left the islands for jobs, and die on the mainland…

  49. We are planning to visit soon Oahu and Maui – wished had time to visit all islands but any recommendation welcome…We think its a cool place but living there may feel a bit isolated

  50. Locals probably don’t like you because most mainlanders bring there high maka maka attitudes and toys here to flaunt. Not all but most of them. And they don’t humble themselves. If you have an open and humble demeanor, to me, anyone will like you. You give respect, you get respect. Simple.

  51. I’ve wanted to go to college in Hawaii since eighth grade and this video is making my obsession so much worse but that is a very good thing.

  52. I love your real and down to earth video style. My son is determined to move there…I'll connect him to you when he needs a home!

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