94 thoughts on “Trio of buildings marks “new era” in Seattle

  1. Keep cramming skyscrapers into that sandbar of a city, its going to end up on the bottem of the Puget Sound. Can you say shallow fault lines not to mention Cascade subduction zone. And that's not artist anoth hideous condo while the streets fill up with homeless. STUPID NARCISSIST SEATTLE.

  2. So glad to see some beautiful buildings coming to the city of short ugly brown boxes. We need more world class architecture of the buildings shown.

  3. Traffic, heroin, homelessness, and a corrupt city governmental core. Yep, Seattle is certainly changing into… something!

  4. Wow! A sociopath that spends his money on decorating his money-making schemes. Just another money whore doing what they do.

  5. My product doesn't appeal to rich people, my projects appeal to people where great designs matter. So…. rich people who wants to look good??? WTF?

  6. Liberals made their cities for the homeless into cities for their globalist billionaires abroad. Bravo. Raped us all and got away with it.

  7. now add buildings that have affordable housing for the poor. along with green technology like self sustaining greenery, and solar energy production, integrated into the building — trees to help with oxygen quality. solar to eventually pay for the building itself by producing power to sell to the power companies etc… sure those buildings look nice and are appreciated, but they serve very little in the way of actually improving the larger community. as he said hes very self aware and knows theyre very niche, so create something thats niche that also helps…hmm?

  8. Mediocrity? Arrogant Ass…. how about people’s lives….doing the best they can….these rich narcissistic monsters really get to me….😡

  9. Why do we need to be a world class city? Seems the more "world class" we get, the more miserable the city gets. Seattle was a lot better 30 years ago, the traffic was bad, but not compared with today. Many trees have been destroyed in order to allow developers to build ugly buildings. There was actually parking in most areas of the city and you could park for long enough to actually get your stuff done.

    At least Gillespie seems to be focused on large buildings where they mostly already are. And at least he seems to care about making them nice to look at and functional. As opposed to the hacks that have been building things lately.

  10. We need cutting edge eco and affordable towers, not part time places for Saudis while people sleep on the sidewalk out front. 🌱

  11. It is a good looking design but I'm sorry mainly rich or upper middle class people have the money to care about aesthetics over function

  12. Take it from someone who lives in Vancouver, these towers are NOT for the homeless. Take a look at the price of Vancouver House suites, which I can almost touch from my balcony.

  13. This is NOT ART, It looks hideous and disgusting, Sadly Yet another insane, leftist, new world order architect is force feeding their ugly, monolithic, garbage onto the people 😀

  14. Well, it will sure look nice. From the ground… where the people who can't afford the places in the city they live in will be looking at them from.

  15. In 100 years your going to have 2 social classes…..the millionairs that that "developer" and the homeless who cant afford the luxury for the rich housing

  16. Seattle is bound to have developers. We should therefore encourage developers who care about aesthetics, like this developer.

  17. Vancouverite here. Our secret sauce for maintaining such a city is not unique building designs, but public transit. Every Skytrain (our autonomous metro system) station has as much as $5,000,000 in real estate development within a 20 minute walk. That's because we like to zone mixed use as much as possible around these stations, which reduces the need for driving even further. Skytrain has given rise to such multi-tower mega developments as Central City, The Amazing Brentwood, Solo District, Oakridge Living City, Lougheed Hights, Marine Gateway, and the Lansdowne redevelopment. By 2025, we'll create somewhere in the neighboorhood of 25km of new skytrain, making our Skytrain over 100km in length, with over 60 stations. It allows lower income individuals to thrive in one of the most expensive cities in North America and increases the densification of the city.

    Meanwhile, Sound Transit's light rail system consists of only 2 lines, 22 stations, and 35km of track – and you ask why Vancouver attracts so much more development? If you want Vancouver's level of investment, then you need to work towards a connected, navigatable city instead of cutting off half the city with a ten lane express-way running down the middle. Thank god you're extending your transit to Bellevue, Kirkland, and Redmond. Just make sure to rezone for flexible mixed use developments around the new stations insead of building more low density residential sprawl.

  18. Keep this weirdo away from Chicago's skyline lol. His buildings look like poorly designed copies of Jeanne Gang's Aqua Tower

  19. It's somehow funny that the developer (aka "the artist") is taking all of the credit for the completely different design of each individual tower.
    "Ofcourse" it was HIS (the artists) idea… instead of the architects, who actually came up with (most of) the designs.
    There is still something called intellectual property – just because you bought the design, does not necessarily mean that you own the rights to it and claim it as yours.
    One ought to give credit where credit is due, good sir! (not only to J.Cheng, given by the journalist)

  20. All cities across the USA should have started building UP long ago, and by not doing it has caused lots of homelessness and crime, all caused by the wage slave system, because not many could afford to buy or rent high rise homes, but when there is equal wealth like there should have always been that will solve 99percent of problems.

  21. Wow.. I guess beauty really is subjective, because all of his buildings look trashy, tacky, and unsettling to me. They don't flow with any type of calming or balanced appeal. That Canadian cityscape almost looks 3rd world. His vision for Urban chaos is kind of gross to me. But like I said, it's subjective.

  22. I find none of the developers address the notion that tall towers alienate pedestrians on the ground. Fundamentally they are about the condo owners, not the people (who cannot afford the condos) walking on the street. Dense low-rise neighbourhoods, particularly old ones in Europe, are so much more charming and interconnected. You feel you could yell to someone on the top (6th) floor of a building if you had to.

  23. We need some of these buildings to be government subsidized so that poor and middle-class can actually move into them. Otherwise they’ll just be apartments for the rich starting at 3 grand a month for a studio. What use is that?

  24. how about some affordable housing for middle class families? The common people are being pushed out of cities and into far off suburbs to make room for more housing for millionaires who only further raise cost of living.

  25. Don't do it Seattle. You are being ruined by weird socialist on the one hand and ugly skyscrapers on the other. There is no shortage of inexpensive homes across the country – $500 houses for sale in Buffalo, but the "poor" want to live in expensive places. Guess what, there will never be cheap houses on an expensive street -that's the definition of expensive streets. But there are endless amounts of places in our country with houses (proper houses) that cost less than your welfare check.

  26. Socialist: why are there not cheap rooms at the Four Seasons Hotel? ANSWER: because it is an expensive hotel. The cheap hotels are on another street.

  27. Two things:

    1. Seattle – you already are a beautiful "world class town". You don't need swoopy, tall buildings to prove this. It's your people, culture and vibe that makes you who you are.
    2. It's easy to says "no more mediocrity" when building buildings in a city where the average home price is $1.6 million.

  28. Developers don't want to build affordable housing because they can't profit from it. Building affordable housing isn't profitable because of all the bureaucracy and complicated regulations, and small independent developers know this. That's why developers just opt to cater to the wealthy because it makes money for them.

  29. What planet do these King 5 employees live on??

    The last thing Seattle needs is yet another billionaire building high rises with extremely expensive condos downtown, adding more cars to the roads of one of the most congested cities in the US. Seattle needs a metro system, yesterday. Is there a billionaire out there that is willing to do that? Or how about a submerged tunnel linking Seattle to Bremerton? Or a light rail over 520?

    The “huge” light rail expansion is too little, way too late. It’s time think outside of the box and deliver a whole host of transportation solutions that can actually move around the millions of people that drive in metro Seattle every single day. Oh, and how about someone to help King 5 pull it’s head out of its behind?

  30. WHY is an insane amount of people crammed into downtown Seattle considered "desirable"? Insane traffic , outrageous parking, overwhelming crowds of people.

    I remember Seattle in the 199ps whem you could SEE the beauty of the surrounding areas – instead of the office building next door.

  31. Hmm, I'm a ARNP at HMC, make $74k/yr, an RN or BSN nurse out of nursing school probably makes $50k/yr, the city's healthcare providers are in the "low income" bracket for Seattle (and probably Eastside as well). I do see many nurses moving out of WA State over the past few years. I wonder who will be staffing the local hospitals when medical staff leave due housing that is so expensive due to extravagant views, art gallery lobbies and such. We don't need fancy condos, we need a livable city. Anyways, get ready for longer wait times in the ED as the "inconvenient truth" is staff shortages are already here and relocating to other states are looking more appealing to more and more of us. Yikes!

  32. how do these help the drug epidemic and the largest black market drug source in the country, located on 3rd Ave. Only blocks from where children are suppose to grow up and learn there is more out there than the homeless having sex on the sidewalks, those suffering addiction shooting up and freely urinating on the streets. How is Vancouver helping us solve this with these luxury condos? Squatters will move in when nobody rents them and these buildings too, will become meth houses, free places to live, a shelter for those who don't want to work or better their lives, places for addiction and suffering to spread and fester.

  33. Wow!!! I love seeing cities get bigger, BUT! Are these buildings ready to rock and roll and shake in a earthquake? Same goes for SF and LA.

  34. Just never a build for the homeless. Close your eyes, one day you too will get disease as politicians don't know anything about the struggle of the homeless or anyone getting tax stolen so a few get stuff.

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