Verifying ownership of your site in Google Search Console

Verifying ownership of your site in Google Search Console

Hi, I’m [? Miley Oye. ?] I’m a member of Google’s
Webmaster support team, here to help you choose the
verification method in Webmaster Tools that’s
easiest for you. All methods discussed in this
video can lead to the same successful verification. Once you’ve selected your method
of choice, please then navigate to the resources
available to guide you through the specific verification
process. Verifying ownership of your
site in Webmaster Tools provides you and Google a secure
channel for giving and receiving information. For example, Google can show
you more confidential information, such as the search
queries that bring visitors to your site. And by verifying ownership,
you’ll have privileges to do things like adjust geotargeting
settings to associate your site with
the audience of a particular country. Verification doesn’t affect
your site’s performance in Google Search results. By now, you’ve likely added your
site in Webmaster Tools. Your site is where you tell your
friends or customers to go to see your content, and
should match what is seen in the browser. All types of sites are eligible
for verifying ownership with Google
Webmaster Tools. A site can include a subdomain
or host name, like or it can be
the domain without a www, like Or, the domain without the
www, like Or a subdirectory, like Or
subdirectory/mysite, or some combination. There are some cases, such as
if you’re using Blogger, Google Sites, or a hoster or
provider who integrated with Webmaster Tools, when your
site may be automatically verified on your behalf. You’re all set and can start
exploring Webmaster Tools. If not, let’s figure out
the right method for you to verify ownership. Verifying ownership means
proving to Google that you, in fact, own the site, and aren’t,
say, a competitor, trying to gain access to
valuable statistics and information. For more beginner-level site
owners, especially if you haven’t had a chance to try it
out before, verification can be a little tricky. The good news is that once
you’re a verified owner, you can easily delegate other owners
or managers of your site without their having to go
through the same process. There are several methods
to verify ownership. There’s a recommended method. That may be the easiest. And then, there are also
more alternate methods. For those who have several sites
to verify, such as a multinational site that
has,, and, say,, you can select the option Domain
Name Provider. If you don’t see your provider
listed, select Other. For all other site owners, let’s
look at this drop down list as well. Please check for
your provider. Your domain provider or
registrar is commonly the company from whom you purchased
your domain and where your website is hosted. If you see your provider,
using the customized directions listed is
usually the easiest way to verify ownership. If you didn’t see your provider,
or if that method was unsuccessful for you, then
let’s talk about the HTML file upload method. HTML file upload is a good
option for those who can easily upload files to their
root directory, meaning the first or main directory
of their site. For example, if my site is, I would upload an HTML file to
my root directory at– and then my file here. Or, if my site is
mysite.example.c om/subdirectory, then my root
directory would be at mysite.example.c
om/subdirectory– my file here. If you’re a site owner who can
upload files from either your site administration tool or by
FTP or terminal or shell access, an HTML file upload may
be a great option for you. Another option for site
verification is adding an HTML meta tag. If you’re familiar with writing
HTML code for your web page, then this is
a great option. Last, if your site already
uses Google Analytics and you’re an administrator,
please see the Google Analytics verification method. Each of the methods we’ve
covered have their own article to guide you through
the process. Once your site is verified,
you’ll see success on your screen. Now, when you log in to
Webmaster Tools, you’ll notice your site shows Manage Site
rather than Not Verified. For newly verified sites,
you might not see a lot of data just yet. But if you come back within a
few days, you’ll likely notice more interesting data. That covers all of our
verification methods. We hope you were able to
determine the easiest method for you to verify ownership. Thanks for watching.

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