13 thoughts on “Visualizing Soil Properties: Dispersion and Flocculation

  1. Unfortunately you use a lot of very imprecise terms. Chemistry is a precise science that requires precise and appropriate terms.

  2. My professor missed this portion in class so I am going to give the whole class on flocculation and dispersion. Thanks πŸ™‚

  3. I appreciate the scientific explanation of the flocculation v. dispersion aspect by Dr. Walworth but actually it can be misinterpreted. By addressing flocculation of sodic soil with gypsum as the "silver bullet" he used a demonstration of 1:1 volume to volume gypsum to soil to accomplish the flocculation and with distilled water, no less. This is impossible in a real world agronomic situation, either in agriculture or, especially, with topically applied gypsum for ornamental landscape soil management. I absolutely agree that calcium is the element to use in providing the solution for flocculating sodic soil, but there are much better calcium sources than gypsum.

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