What Can $67K USD Buy in Mexico? House Hunting in Guanajuato

What Can $67K USD Buy in Mexico? House Hunting in Guanajuato

okay so let me just figure out where to
put this thing, there’s a smudge… this is a good light. also I need to tell
them something they need to know about you is that you always look like a supermodel. Every single time every single time. she’ll say oh this is my casual day and it’s like– it’s always a casual day. You never know. Maybe you can go to another place and have a nice day, find a new friends for example you know you never know hi hello this is my friend Nallely. hello
do you want to introduce yourself? yes my name is Nallely Marcela Rangel Torres. Nallely it’s a Maya names yes I love your name please tell us the story of your name
well my story it’s about a princess Maya who live in Guanajuato now and well Marcella
its a Spain name from my other part of the family so I have both you have both
you have the Mayan history and Spanish history yes yes I love it I love
it Nallely you are what do you call it in
Mexico? like in the States we would say you’re a real estate agent? we
are still. okay so you’re a real estate agent how do you say that in Spanish? ah
“agente de inmobiliario.” Ooh, okay. It’s easy, it’s easy, don’t worry. it’s easy, it’s easy. Yes it is. so we are here at a vacation rental in panoramica its panoramic and also it’s in Cerro de Hijas. you can see the
view yeah tell me about real estate here in
Guanajuato how easy is it to find a place to rent how easy is it to find a
place to buy are there a lot of properties available or not a lot of
properties available or depends on the time of year? it depends it’s depends.
right now we have a lot of properties on sale just in centro and also we have the
new part of the city it’s in the south of the part of the city okay and you can
find there the new properties to buy it okay so I know here in Mexico it’s more
common to buy with cash right like it’s that’s the way it usually is done you
come in you say here’s this is the property here’s the cash now we’re done
but you guys are now working with someone who does mortgages right so you don’t have to have everything in cash up front right and you can do that as a US
citizen as a Canadian citizen you don’t have to have Mexican citizenship to be
able to do that no you only need a permission from the government to buy a
property okay but it’s very simple okay and also it’s very cheap
you only need to choose a property yeah and we have a lot of properties now we
have that kind of a big properties with a garden because the weather here it’s
amazing oh yeah you cannot beat the weather you really can’t. we were very much complaining about the cold but in back
home it’s snowing so it’s like oh no it’s 50 degrees everybody back home is
like it’s a snowstorm 50 degrees sounds great no we have here a lot of sun and
it’s really nice yes and also it’s a very safe place in Guanajuato
it’s very calm it’s very safe we have a lot of tradition yes many many fiestas party every day you know it and fireworks right? now this this
rental is like a vacation rental short term rental yeah so if people want to
come to Guanajuato for a month or two months they can actually rent from
you yes oh you guys do the short-term rentals do you do like midterm do you
have like a like six months leases as well yes so you have every every type of length of time, I don’t know how to say it it’s two hundred and forty five thousand
dollars? Wow with all this land it’s two different kind of construction
okay you have the main house and also we have two different apartments what? yes. now if somebody had a property that they wanted to buy but they didn’t want to
live here year-round do you guys you would manage the property for them like
you can rent it for them? yes of course. does she mind if I film? it’s okay this is the main property the big house oh my word they have little swings! –about this property, you have all these gardens ceiling from Guanajuato, we call it Boveda three bedrooms in the main house another detail oh look
at how pretty how old is this house it’s not too old, it’s like 40 years I think. but also it’s in really good shape another terrace with gardens a little fruit tree and a big garage and
the laundry room Wow a lot of space for storage so much space and you can have here like seven or ten cars so much space so that’s the main
house and this is the apartment area so Nallely what does it feel like to be
from the most beautiful city on the planet? it’s really nice. And I can go to every property, you know? you can see the whole city! all the magic of the city I have it in my hand this one it’s like 67,000 ok ok you can buy this property it’s all new, you need to see the construction. it’s really nice, as you can see it’s very calm here it’s flat but it’s very calm you can see the mountains there also. yeah. and it’s really nice because have three different kind of properties
here ok we can start with this one, this is the little one the small one. it’s cute! you have air conditioning here really? this is the kitchen, it’s all new oh nice you can see all the furniture here so pretty. I know big space! you could have a, you could have a big fridge is this a pantry? yes. Wow! And also Harry Potters can live here that’s right always good to have an under the stair closet for your family wizard that you need to
hide away of course you can see the patio here this is cute this is one of the bedrooms a baby bedroom so cute a really nice closet here that’s built in that’s really that’s
really nice that’s pretty we have here a lot of natural light. wow. a really nice and big bathroom and the skylights it is very bright feeling, there’s skylights everywhere air conditioning! air conditioning big windows oh yeah it’s really nice and we have a balcony I love this little nook is it would
be perfect place to just write or do your work and then you can stare out at
the mountains this is the smallest one and now this is the medium one ooh fancy! full bath here in the front as you can see it’s like a small area here, because it’s closed here. oh like little sitting area or even this could this could even be like you could have a
guest sleep here yeah a nice purple rug I really need my place to come with a squishy bread.
actually Harper would legit like to play with that. …have this furniture in the house, and you can also have the same stove it’s the same stove, the same furniture the closets… also if you want to keep the house, have the house just like here so you can have it unfurnished
or furnished okay. if you want to move here right now, I need the house just like this and it’s okay the sink is so big, I know what is your favorite part of your job? meet people yeah like you all the time, have a new friends, it’s really nice you’re a very social person oh thank you, yes, sometimes sometimes I’m kind of grumpy like you know, it’s part of the life. I think that’s probably like you saying that that that you’re having a casual day like like these are
your casual shoes aren’t they yes of course this is casual yes and then I
have my high heels like you see in my car, because here you need both all right let’s go upstairs and see
that this is another bedroom. all right what? a tub. is this a bathtub? yes yes it is well you need a a bikini or something right? but you can use it. oh my gosh. yes. you can sit here and take your bubble bath and look out at the view there’s a kitty cat! Gracie’s a little black and
white kitty cat… it even has that new house smell it like smells like a new house yeah oh yeah wow this is more space. you need to see this bathroom I love the mirror. you can film yourself in the mirror this is so fresh. yes it’s so open feeling and this kitchen is so
pretty it’s big yeah are they still building new properties like this one so
if somebody comes in and says I want a new one and I want to pick like I want
the stove from the middle one and I want this thing from that and then they can
kind of customize it all yes okay you can pick everything as you want. also the
same with the furniture and everything and starts at 67,000 yes wow it’s very cheap. it depends about the furniture, right furniture, and the things that you wanted, but it’s a really good price also you have a parking lot
okay so you have parking yeah yeah because if you want to live in the south, yeah you need a car you have to have a car, yes you do. come on. let’s go see the second floor this is the main bedroom. okay pretty it’s a different kind of style. more modern. yeah. you can see the bathroom. nice and big because right now in this model of the house we have three bedrooms yeah it does everything feels so new and modern and like fancy no TVs in the bedroom that’s right hmm
no they say you sleep much better if you don’t have a TV in your bedroom. of course, of course that happens. you were
telling me a lot of people who live in this part of the city work in Silao, Irapuato,
or Leon because it’s very close from here, uh huh. and it’s safe to live here, because it’s so close
yeah you have security all the time, you have cameras, you have all the police here
just in these neighbors so it’s very safe. the kids can just go out to play and also they
can I read a really nice space for the kids, a playground
oh yeah yeah you and also you can stay here you can go to the Centro, I don’t know like 20 minutes so you have both yes so if you want to stay outside of the centro, out of the noise, you can live here so what I liked about the properties that you showed me
today is like there’s such a range the the one in– it’s Momias, Momias, it’s close to the museum that was like a compound and but felt more traditional more Mexican right and was closer to the center but then you have
this which is super modern and all brand new and very chic and it’s a lot quieter
so if you wanted kind of and it’s so cheap it’s so affordable yes it is so it
seems like you could basically come in with any budget and say this is my
budget and this is what I’m looking for and you could go way down here or way up there, yes of course. and do do you have anybody who comes here and like buys up several
of these units and turns them into rentals like does this is this a
potential like rental market at all? and so you can buy a property like these and
we can rent it between 15 and 12,000 depends, also, right depends on the model and all the things you have. so you could if you were let’s say thinking I’m gonna
retire in five to ten years you could come here you could buy a property for
$70,000 mm-hmm you could rent it out to a family that you know might want to
live here and work in Silao and then then you come back when you’re ready to
retire and you have your own place I’m scheming…Jesse? you can live here, come Jesse well thank you so much Nallely thank you for showing me all these
things and taking your whole afternoon to drive me around everywhere it’s okay
it’s a nice weather here thank you so much and if you are looking
to rent buy or buy and then rent your property in Guanajuato you’ve got
to come work with Nallely you just have to you just don’t do anything else just
come here I will put all of her information in the description box below
and her website and all of that stuff so you can get in touch with her yes and
she will find you a fabulous place always, or experience, that’s right, absolutely. all right bye guys, thank you so much bye

100 thoughts on “What Can $67K USD Buy in Mexico? House Hunting in Guanajuato

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  2. Be careful when buying in another country. The workmanship might be shoddy and materials not up to par, so just because it looks pretty, it might be a nightmare later.

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  13. Those who are blabbering about how affordable housing in Mexico is – look here: https://www.numbeo.com/property-investment/rankings_by_country.jsp. Affordability index in Mexico is about three times lower than in the USA. You are conveniently forgetting how little Mexicans make with respect to the real estate prices. Yeah, Mexico will be affordable if you come there with money made in the USA.

  14. Wow that is awesome and amazing mine heritage is Mexican my family is from Michoacan and I think that would be awesome to move out their life would be different and more affordable than here in the US many blessings thank you for sharing🥰

  15. Mexico has more credit available for Mexican home buyers than ever before. Bank interest rates have come down over the years. Also, the government-funded loans with low-interest rates (6.9) have always been available to any Mexican who is registered, works in the formal economy and pays taxes. The most popular program is INFONAVIT. If you are an immigrant as I am, and have worked in Mexico and paid taxes, you are entitled to participate in this program. If you never take out an INFONAVIT loan, the money that you have paid in via taxes is refunded to you upon retirement. New neighborhoods are going up all over Mexico and it is because loans are more available. https://portalmx.infonavit.org.mx/wps/portal/infonavit.web/el-instituto/el-infonavit/acerca-de-nosotros/!ut/p/z1/jY9ND8FAFEV_i0W3fXd8ZdiVMEUjRBo1GympQaojY7R_X5WNRMXbvZdzbu4jSRHJLM5PKrYnncVpuW9kd9sVgD9sszkPZh0ssZgJTMFWPqN1BTQ5IAZgc8F9Dm88mox6QaspGEj-4_8Anj5qxkPpywqpaxCyN_AjY0pSpXr3etfLdi2uSJrkkJjEuHdTno_WXm99Bw6KonCV1ipN3L2-OPimHPXNUvRJ0vUSRjh30jzwGg-fLLOs/dz/d5/L2dBISEvZ0FBIS9nQSEh/

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  17. I have never seen so much BS, about Mexico in my life, as listed in this website.
    I have lived and worked in Mexico for over 40 years. I bought an old hacienda, of 3600 square feet, built in 1863, and rebuilt in 1911, that I have used for a winter home for the last 21 years. I'm in a small village, 65 miles inland, with a 25 mile long dam, wit record size bass, just 2 miles from my property. If you want to be left alone, with no problems, find a property like mine. When you get a few Americans living close together, the first thing that happens…they make rules. If you want rules, and regulations…stay in the US.
    I'm 65 miles from the ocean, and approximately 250 miles, north of Mazatlan.
    I bought this property, with nothing but a bill of sale. The government has now issued a title…so much for some of the remarks about Mexico nationalizing my property, etc. Mexico wants Gringos here, to help the economy, and for taxes.
    There are very strict real estate laws, that have to be abided to. Ask the ladies from this site, with questions about real estate, they will put you on the right tract. If everything is done right, there will be no problems. Talk to an attorney, and he will guide you. Many attorneys speak English. Don't listen to some of the squirrels, like the ones that are spouting BS here, and don't know the ass from third base.

  18. Are there any properties with large rooms that are retiree affordable? Seems every video shows little rooms or bi expensive houses. The small places are cute but I can live in a shoebox in the States. Mexico promises more for less and Im ready to move.

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