What If Peppa Pig Was Real?

as one particularly infamous Pig once
said all animals are created equal but some animals are more equal than others
not all pigs are created the same and what you may have taken a look at the
premise of this video and are now thinking that this may be some kind of
allegorical hypothetical study on which sort of swine ridden world a Peppa Pig s
character could exist in line with George Orwell’s Animal Farm I’m afraid
that you’ll be sorely disappointed because this will not be an allegorical
video at all this will instead be a literal study have you ever thought what
a planet would be like if we shared it with humanoid pigs ah yeah exactly
hello Internet what’s going on and once again welcome back to the most
inquisitive channel on YouTube life’s biggest questions as per usual populism
or the flow and boys Jack finishes today we attempt to answer truly one of life’s
biggest questions and ask what if Peppa Pig was real rock for the Jews amongst you that clip was
from 2019 s bullets of Justice a film directed by Valery Malev which depicts a
world where the American government initiates a secret project code-named
army bacon in order to create a species of super soldier by means of
interbreeding human beings with pigs and if you’re thinking what the hell Jack
calm down this is a Peppa Pig video aren’t things meant to be sunshine and
rainbows and brightly colored kitchens and living rooms and lessons to be
learned for children of all ages no no they’re not in a world where pigs are
anthropomorphic humanoids there would be none of that and if you’re embroiled in
this hypothetical post-apocalyptic landscape then I’d wisely tell you to
strap on your seat belts for the oncoming ride of pure carnage that would
ensue talking of seat belts though before we do that perhaps we should take
this time to highlight the fact that peppa pig as a whole isn’t exactly as
squeaky clean as his early morning television reputation would uphold as
first and foremost peppa and her family of pigs were once involved in a scandal
after the release of the first two seasons of the show
when astute viewers noticed that whenever they would go on a car journey
none of them were wearing seatbelts hey that’s a big deal
what you see bouts kids in 2012 the creators of the series hit the headlines
once again when complaints from an Australian Broadcasting Company caused
controversy involving a particular episode of Peppa Pig and her friend mr.
skinnylegs a spider you see the episode in
particular had one very clear message spiders aren’t all bad and you should
try and make friends with them but in Australia
yeah that’s pretty poor form given the fact that pretty much every spider in
Australia is highly toxic and generally out to get you yeah you drop the ball
again Peppa Pig stop telling Australian kids to make friends with spiders you’re
not so innocent after all are you obviously I’m trying my damnedest to
make light of the matter given the fact that Peppa Pig is eight wonderfully
brilliant children’s show enjoyed by millions of people across the planet
generally making the world a better place one point at a time it’s a defense
mechanism you see and if I can poke fun at a few moments of absent-mindedness we
can maybe make things a little easier when facing down this bacon-flavored
apocalypse you can see my difficulty there when we’re hypothetically trying
to combine these strange worlds into one an outline just what the hell would
happen if a small 2d pig with eyes on the side of her head and her whole
family suddenly sprouted into humanoid existence
now it goes without saying but there’s our first point humanoid pigs in line
with pepper and her family obviously would not have two eyes at the
side of their head given the fact that they have the privilege of three
dimensions to now exist it in fact in all likelihood a humanoid Pig would be
far similar to the villains laid out in our previous clip
oinking man-sized swine people who evolved exactly the same as we did from
our ape ancestors and there’s our other most important point and where we have
to scale things back a bit because from an evolutionary perspective could pigs
have evolved in the exact same manner that we did and the short answer is yeah
but the long answer is we already did kinder you see on a genetic level us and
pigs go way back we’re part of the same tree of DNA sequences and although we’re
actually more closely related to my Stan we are two pigs they’re still part of
the same family in fact our last common ancestor existed
over 80 million years ago which may seem like a hell of a long time and of course
it is but hey evolution doesn’t care they’re right next to us in terms of
coding you see that particular relation may also be a lot closer than we think
you see in 2017 scientists discovered a genetic element that if correct would be
convincing enough to classify the swine species into a family which is mainly
inhabited by primates I mean granted is a bit of a genetic puzzle but if we’re
on the mindset that the universe is infinite and anything is possible in
some multiverse way out in the cosmic void of space instead of Apes climbing
now from trees and standing upright it was Pig standing on two legs and
eventually taking over the planet now I’m not exactly saying that in our
hypothetical scenario these humanoid pigs would have evolved to the point
where they inhabit the same traits as the regular old pigs we know today but
I’m also not not saying that they’d be really hungry the truth of the matter is
evolution is our answer here it’s merely a matter of survival of the species if
Peppa Pig was real we would not be real the reason that the dominant species
always comes out on top is exactly for that reason there are no contenders left
behind we don’t share this planet with other humanoid species because we’re
currently the leaders of this whole evolution thing if Peppa Pig and her
ancestors one though yeah let’s just be thankful it’s a kids TV show whether we
have it guys out loggers right answer the question what if Peppa Pig was real
what do you guys think do agreed have any more to add there let us know
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