WildStar DevSpeak: Housing

WildStar DevSpeak: Housing

Welcome to WildStar. This is DevSpeak. Disclaimer time. This series is about getting into the nitty gritty of WildStar. That said, we’re gonna start with something you might not expect. It’s one of our core features… Housing. Let’s start at the beginning. How do you get a house? Well, just find yourself a Protostar housing specialist. You’ll see them pretty early on. Bring some cash, and you are g2g. They’ll send you straight to your sky plot to start building. You’ll wanna clear off any, shall we say, undesirables. Oh, whatup. You can stay. First, you can build a little camp site. Then you’ll get a starter home. Eventually, you can buy some pretty crazy domiciles. Once it’s built, you can customize and decorate the hell out of it. And, really, you can do anything. I mean, inside, outside, walls, roofs, doors, windows, wallpaper, furniture— it’s all fair game. Put a floating chair in an upside down table. See if I care. But housing in Wildstar isn’t this isolated, secondary feature. It’s actually woven into your entire gameplay experience. You’ll find items for your house all over the game, from random drops to quest rewards to crafting. It will become your home base, and a place that provides you with a myriad of conveniences. An easy example? Logging off in your house provides you more rest XP than anywhere else. More cool items in your house? More rest XP. Remember how I said you can decorate the outside of your house? Well you can actually construct buildings and facilities. We call them plugs. They fit into spots on your land called sockets. This is where the real action happens. Like to cook? Build a garden to harvest ingredients. Need some ore? Build a mine. Can’t bring the deeps? Practice on a target dummy. Tired of facing that mob of players around the public workbench? Build your own and craft in peace. Your plugs will give you daily quests, resources, and more. But they do take some time to build up. Don’t worry, ’cause you can teleport to your house anytime from anywhere. Housing is also a little bit of a social scene. Set your plot to allow your friends and neighbors to visit. Or, open it up to the public. It’s not just about showing off. You’ll be looking at some serious perks. Can’t log on for a week? Get a buddy to maintain your garden and they’ll get a portion of the reward. Bandits raiding your neighbor’s property? Lend a helping hand, gun, or sword, and earn yourself some bounty. Hardcore raider? How ’bout a personal raid portal. With a buff. This is the kind of stuff I’m talking about. We are making a big effort to make player housing a major part of the game, and I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy it as much as I do. Well… maybe not as much as I do. This is only the tip of the iceberg for housing, but that’s all I can show you for now. If you want more info, you can hit us up here… or here. Remember, the devs are listening.

100 thoughts on “WildStar DevSpeak: Housing

  1. This is innovative..I cannot wait for this to actually work and end the you can't have houses in a mmo thing

  2. Please for the love of god please let us build Guild Castles with their own perks and plug-ins. It would be really cool to have a guild dungeon or anything that could be done together in your OWN CASTLE or building . It would boost your RPing member count too .And you should add tools to gathering and building hitting them with swords seem a bit unrealistic … And please let us fight each other with those castles O_O You would make my childhood dreams become real!

  3. your dream is already a feature of the game, its called "war plots" basically its a base/castle which you and mates can kit out and fight and lay siege to others, not sure on the exact specifics but yeah.

  4. What I wanna know is if I can play this with my girlfriend and get a house together! Like, both of us can alter the house and gain benefits and so on…

  5. It was said in a dev interview that yes, you can give others the ability to alter the house. Doubt the benefits thing though. They added the ability to allow others to alter others houses to allow people to sell their abilities as an interior decorator

  6. This is what I missed about StarWars Galaxies O_O Suddenly this MMO that meant nothing to me is now looking pretty sweet. Throw in some cool crafting and vanity slots and I'm all over this shit!

  7. I think this game is world of warcraft+ ratchet and clank + developers who like video=AWESOME! Games really could not ask for better than that!

  8. I love these devs, and i love this game. If it somehow disappoints (and i fucking don't see how it can but heck who knows) im gonna kill these awesome devs ok?
    Ok? Just saying…

  9. Finally player housing with some meaning behind it. Now I hope they didn't spend to much time on housing and less time on end game content. Need my beta invite stat.

  10. they said they have half their entire team working on endgame content so I don't think their going to skimp on it

  11. i realy REALY hope that you won't put a limit to how much i can out in the house, i would hate if you put a limit, if you do however please make it a minimum of 100,000.

  12. I'm just…. completely staggered. Not just about this, which is AWESOME, but everything I've seen about the game. I want to mate with it and have its babies

  13. Who needs a house when you can go and adventure?! Seriously, is this UO? Do I have to build myself a piano of dyed t-shirts?

  14. Who said you need a house? it's optional. Aren't you aware of the name of this genre? mmoRPG, there are other ways to enjoy the game and nobody is forcing you to explore this content

  15. Anyone else thinking, good bye W.O.W.

    Even though I said goodbye a long time ago.. <3 Blizzard but I heard through the years that change is good.

  16. what i want to know is can u get different places to build your house or is it just on the floating islands

  17. Not a fan of Raid Portals… walking to the Raid is more rewarding and less casual, also this would be great if it wasn't personal but for a whole GUILD, this would make it more social and immersif

  18. Please just take my money already! But then how could I just leave WoW like that? This is going to be the hardest choice i have ever had to make In my life.

  19. Yeah but still, houses should be for guilds, it would make it that much epic. Just like the Anime Fairy Tail ^^

  20. What do i get for continually raiding other peoples houses and can i steal furniture from the ones who open them up to the public?
    Also can i spray graffiti on their walls and steal their space goats?
    But most importantly, can i mount the skulls of dead Aurins on my doorstep and hang their ears off the windows at Christmas?

  21. Carbonated water, sugar, orange juice concentrate, citric acid, natural flavor, sodium benzoate (preserves freshness ;D), caffeine, sodium citrate.

    Nice ingredients you have there 😛

  22. After 8+ yrs of Wow…..Once this hits I'm gone from it. HOUSING..HELL YES HOUSING!!
    Also….ANY chance we can have stuffed trophies of certain Mobs? I SO miss that from DAOC. Kill a "rare" and able to "stuff and mount" it in the house.

  23. i'm sure they will add something like that, this game is still in closed beta and they are probably only showing you 10 to 20 percent of everything you can do with houses.

  24. Does anyone know if its gonig to be B2p? P2p? F2p with Prem? or what? Because i have not found a official announced things however everyones starting rumors about the Different purchases….Im kinda hoping its B2P or F2p with Prem capabilities because lets face it…Sometimes you might not be able to pay for P2p…CNT WAIT FOR THIS FREAKING GAME D:

  25. That's one hell of a leap you're making by assuming there won't be limiters in place to prevent teleporting from being abused in situations like pvp.

  26. Whoever voices these videos is awesome. Not only are these videos well narrated, they are funny and fun to watch. Thank you nameless narrator! Now please, release the game!

  27. Awesome writing, i said it before. Your narrator is freaking hilarious. You guys are doin a badazz job. Make the sheep turn into a huge raid fight that the player will be unable to do alone, and must have in game friends or guild members. It'll promote group effort and tie in to these hilarious videos.

  28. the first slide of the disclaimer is actually the whole thing. the second slide telling you that, and the third slide reciting the ingredients in his soda.

  29. This is really smart! I really like the idea! It's not just a feature to brag about in the game, it actually provides you allocates! Amazing 🙂 

  30. This seemed great at first, but then I saw that it was an isolated sort of instance with instant travel/lobby elements. This is a terrible idea. This is the problem with most of these other "MMO" games, they break up a population into these isolated areas or phases and turn them into multiplayer coop games instead of a true open world. You'll hardly ever see anyone later in the game when everyone has this since everyone will be doing most things in their little isolated home. This is garbage. Too bad, what a waste, could have been great. Did they hire Ghostcrawler or something?

    It seems that Guild Turds 2 has had a horrible influence on the genre as a whole.

  31. Good fucking job, an MMO finally went all out on housing. You have me sold. Not just because of the whole housing aspect. But because it looks like it melds very well with your adventure on Nexus.

  32. I just hope the house is cheap so u can actually buy it when you are level 10 or something so you can get furniture from mob drops while you are questing. Then make the pimp stuff expensive so only a max capd player could afford it or your twink. Ooh and I hope you have a trophy place so u can mount heads from raid bosses or something, that would be so cool, much better than a static achievement stat hidden somewhere in your list of other YAWN achievements. 

  33. It amazes me how so few MMOs have meaningful housing of any kind.

    I remember my first real go at it in Everquest II and FFXI. It seemed silly but decorating seemed fun. Everquest 2 was really fun.

    But. . 

    Why are you building a mine in a floating plot of land? I don't. . I don't. . what is this?

  34. Wow… Just wow. Simply amazing. I can't get enough DevSpeak! Played the Beta and fell in love, this is my kinda game! 😀

  35. Would it be possible for my alt characters to have access to my Main Character's house. I was wondering if it can be possible for characters on the same faction share one house instead of multiple houses as an option.

    I just thought it would be fun that way and it would be at least be convenient 

    Let me know what you guys think. And I hope you Devs are listening.

  36. I have some questions. How does the housing system work, technically? Does it clog up the servers if multiple players build their very own houses? Will my pc sort of lag if I get to see more and more floating plots around me? Will there be like, "this is my spot, gtfo" scenarios? Lastly, will I be able to walk in and out of my house without fearing of performance drops simply because the place is over-populated? Please, I just want to know how you guys did it.

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